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Ano Hana – Episode 2-1

Anaru is in the fast food restaurant, named WcDonald, with two of her friends.

Friend: Oh, did you sure go to Yadomi’s house?

Anaru: Well, yes.

Friend: I’m really sorry you had to take care of that Hikikomori! ( a Japanese slang refers to the people in the state of cocooning )

She’s a bit confused at their bad mouthing about Jintan.

Anaru: But don’t you think of oversleeping or playing hooky in some mornings? As for me, yes sometimes- maybe even more often.

Friend: Yeah, I know. But I’m never in the same kind of that creep.

Frined; He should be pampering himself at this moment, thinking of you, Naruko, for sure.

Frined: Sure he is!

They’re loudly laughing at their dirty joke excepting Anaru, who is just embarrassed to be silent. Then suddenly, a girl who’s been studying at the near table stands up. She’s got irritated by them to walk away.

Friend: Who’s that?

Frined: Maybe a student of the Odai Fuzoku ( high school ). She really got on my nerve!

Anaru: Is she… Tsuruko…?

She finds a notebook left on the table where Tsuruko was sitting.

Friend: Where you go?

Anaru: Sorry, I’ll be back soon.

She picks it up and runs after her out of the restaurant.

Anaru: Hold on, Tsuruk… Tsurumi! You’ve left something behind you!

Tsuruko turns back in silence.

Anaru: Well, here’s your…

But Tsuruko just grabs her notebook from her without any thanks.

Tsuruko: You could leave it as it was when it happened. I don’t want to be seen I’m talking to the students of Nido-Ko ( high school ) by anyone else.

As a brief explain, while Tsuruko is in a great grade high school, Anaru is in poor grade one. She’s insulting her because of her school. Naturally enough, Anaru is upset with Tsuruko.

Anaru: No kidding! I’ve brought it here for you!

Tsuruko: I didn’t ask you it, did I?

Anaru: You said it!

There Menma comes by and tries to stop their quarrel but of course they don’t notice her.

Menma: You both, Anaru and Tsuruko, stop your fight!

Anaru: How did you get so proud of yourself like this, even though you were just timid when you were a kid?

Tsuruko: Then you seem to be the same as you used to be – I mean you’d been pretty easy to be influenced by the other people and now you just look like the same kind of easy women who you were sitting together in that restaurant.

As Jintan mentioned before, Anaru changed herself into a bit fancy girl when she entered high school this spring. So in these days, she looks as if she was a bit “easy” girl.

Tsuruko: You used to follow Meiko Honma so hard.

Hearing her name, Anaru get furious – almost crying.

Anaru: Don’t bring up the name who’s already past away so casually!

Menma: Oh, Anaru…

Tsuruko: Are you being upset because you’ve just reminded yourself of her? What a hopeless you, and Yukiatsu, too.

Anaru is a bit surprised to hear his name.

Tsuruko: Bye.

She walks away.

Menma: Hold on, Tsuruko!

Anaru: Menma…

She curls up on the street and thinks of Menma.

Anaru: ( I actually wanted to be like Menma. On that day, if I didn’t have asked Jintan if he liked Menma, she would never have… )

She’s been regretting her question to Jintan made him too embarrassed to run away and it might have caused Menma’s death on that day.

Suddenly her cell phone rings out.

Anaru: Oops!

She hurries away somewhere. Menma becomes alone again. It’s getting darker and darker, but she’s wandering alone again.

Menma: So where could I come home?

She feels so lonely.

( to be continued )


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