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Ano Hana – Episode 2-3

In the next early morning, Yukiatsu is jogging through the town learning English with his headphones, which seems to be his regular work. Despite being hard to Jintan about Menma a few days ago, he doesn’t seem to be able to forget all his sweet memories for her, especially her favorite white dress.

Suddenly he runs into Poppo during delivering newspapers by bike.

Poppo: Morning, Yukiatsu!

Yukiatsu: Ah, Po… Hisakawa.

Poppo: You could call me Poppo as it used to be and I’d rather love it, Yukky?

Yukiatsu: I’ve never heard of that way you just called me.

Poppo: That’s OK, Yukiatsu. So, do you know Jintan has met Menma being back to the living?

Yukiatsu: How come… now…?

Poppo: What did you say?

Yukiatsu: Never mind. So what did he say of her?

Poppo: Yeah, Jintan! I hadn’t seen him for ages but I found him still great when I met him again!

His clueless answer makes Yukiatsu a bit irritated.

Yukiatsu: I’m asking you what was Yadomi thinking of her?

Poppo: Well, just his illusion or delusion he said, maybe. He also told me she was asking him to make her wish come true.

Yukiatsu is just listening in silence but he looks a bit upset with jealous.


Jintan: Ah! I must have dropped off!

He’s just woken up.

Menma: Good morning, Jintan!

He’s relieved to know she’s back here.

Jintan: You’ve been back, Menma… Whoa!

Next moment, he gets really surprised to see her standing there just rolling her body in a bath towel.

Jintan: How come you took a bath! Dad’s still in home!

But she doesn’t care, or even doesn’t notice, about why he’s embarrassed to look at her. Like other things, her behavior doesn’t change very much from childhood.

Menma: I used a body shampoo there that felt too cool on my skin. I didn’t prefer that kind! Hey, are you listening to me, Jintan?

Jintan: Yo… You should recognize yourself grown up, … wait, some parts of your body doesn’t seem to have grown up so much, though…

He tells her slightly looking at around her almost flat chest.

Menma: What some… parts??

He gets even more embarrassed since she’s approaching him to ask him when someone rings the door bell.

Menma: I’m coming!

Jintan: First and foremost, put your clothing on!

His father, who’s still half in asleep, opens the front door

Dad: Who’s there? Oh, I might have seen you, boy?

Poppo: Morning! Long time no see!

Dad: Wow, you must be Poppo, aren’t you? You’ve got to be lovely big!

Jintan: It’s you, Poppo?

Poppo: Morning!

They start to eat Yakiniku – Korean barbecue – as break fast when they move to the living room. Just because Jintan didn’t have dinner last night, having barbecue even in the morning is not so common in Japan.

Jintan: Trading with friends?

Poppo: Yup. Using a cable, trading your Nokemon with your friend and you’ll own that one.

They seem to be talking about a rare Nokemon for Menma.

Poppo: These beefs taste really good, Mr. Yadomi!

Dad: No problem. They’re just the leftovers last night. Then, I’m going to work. Bye.

Poppo: Take care!

Jintan: You right. I’ve actually forgotten she said her wish wouldn’t make it without all our help.

Menma is sitting next to Jintan and waiting for a chance to take away a well done beef from Jintan.

Poppo: Yeah, you got it?

Jintan: By the way, I wonder how did you come up with the trading way?

Poppo: That’s because Yukiatsu… oh, no, well, I might have seen someone’s voice…

He might have got some advice from Yukiatsu but didn’t allowed to tell Jintan.

Jintan: You couldn’t see anyone’s voice, could you?

Poppo: Ah, I see.

Jintan: All right. So we’ve got a Pokemon software for us but still need an another one that I wonder who has…?

( to be continued )


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