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Ano Hana – Episode 3-6

January 30, 2012

Poppo is working on making a fire with charcoal. Advertisements

Ano Hana – Episode 3-5

January 27, 2012

Jintan, Menma, Poppo and Anaru are waiting for another guests in the hut.

Ano Hana – Episode 3-4

January 24, 2012

One day in the early morning, Jintan wakes up when someone keeps pushing the doorbell of his house. He gets up and hurries to the door.

Ano Hana – Episode 3-3

January 21, 2012

Yukiatsu and Tsuruko are coming together in the mall, where he’s looking for some accessories for women.

Ano Hana – Episode 3-2

January 18, 2012

On his way home, he thinks of what Poppo said. Jintan: He said Menma was grown up… He runs home to make sure if it was true.

Ano Hana – Episode 3-1

January 15, 2012

After Jintan leaving for school, Menma is getting bored soon being alone in the house.

Ano Hana – Episode 3 “A Party for Menma”

January 12, 2012

#3 Menma wo sagasou no kai (in Japanese) One morning, Jintan’s father is coming up to his room.

Ano Hana – Episode 2-6

January 9, 2012

Jintan and Anaru have been playing Nokemon to get the rare Nokemon all night. Menma and Poppo have already slept on the floor. And finally…

Ano Hana – Episode 2-5

January 6, 2012

Having moved into her room, they start to look for her Nokemon software in the closet, where lots of drawers are stacked in order.

Ano Hana – Episode 2-4

January 3, 2012

At the same time, Anaru is thinking to herself about Menma in her room.