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Ano Hana – Episode 2-4

At the same time, Anaru is thinking to herself about Menma in her room. She’s looking at a old picture where her all friends, members of The Super Peace Busters, are in.

Anaru: She sure was cute. When I was little, I didn’t like my curly hair and glasses. I envied her beautiful straight hair and Jintan liked her.


In old days, they were gathering to their nest for playing Nokemon. They seemed to be enjoying to play it individually but especially Jintan and Menma were even more enjoying with each other.

Little Menma: Hey, Anaru. Why don’t you have the same sticker with me?

She shows a small sticker on the cover of her portable game player.

Little Menma: Look! It’s very cute, isn’t it? I’ve got the same one for you!

Then she put it on Anaru’s one for her.

Little Menma: Here you go!

Little Anaru: Well, thanks…

But after coming home, Anaru tried to remove it off.


Anaru: I really liked her, but I didn’t like her at the same time…

She’s in tears looking back on her immature complicated emotion to Menma.

Then suddenly, her mother calls her from downstairs.

Mom: Hey, Naruko. Could you lend me a hand?

She asks her to water plants in the garden.

Anaru: She’s always putting lots of task to me…

When she’s doing it with complaining, someone walks by the garden.

Poppo: It must be close.

Jintan: You sure?

Poppo: Oh, hi, Anaru!

He says hello to her but she gives back them a shower instead, maybe because she no longer likes to be called Anaru by anyone.

Poppo: Oh, no!

Jintan: Wh… Why do you…

Fortunately they’re welcomed into her house, where they ask her to play Nokemon again.

Anaru: No kidding! Why do I have to join you?!

Poppo: Why not? It’d be fun when you go back to childhood once in a while? You do think so too, Jintan?

Jintan: Ah, yeah.

Both of them are drying their hair with towels.

Poppo: By the way, why did you take your glasses off right now?

He knew she had them on in the garden – He’s more observant as he looks!

Anaru: It’s nothing. Mind your own business!

I guess not just because she doesn’t like glasses, but also she doesn’t want to be seen by Jintan when she has them on. But Jintan is a bit worried about Menma who wouldn’t come into the living room with them and hiding in the hallway.

Her mother brings drinks to them.

Mom: Here. Have a drink.

Jintan: Thanks.

Mom: It’s been a long time since you both came to see us. Oh, I just remember I’ve got some jellies Naruko made last night. Why don’t you try them?

Poppo: Oh, Anaru’s jelly?! Sounds sweet!

Anaru: Can’t you see I’m telling you to stop using that name!

She gets really upset. As I mentioned in episode 1, Anaru sounds similar to “anal” and they’re enough matured to know the meaning. However I’m not sure Poppo is intended or not.

Poppo: Anyway, it is a request from Menma to get a rare Nokemon for her.

Jintan: Shush! I asked you not to tell about her!

Anaru: You said Menma…?

Poppo: Yes?

She reacts to her name.

Anaru: Um, well, what’s about her?

Jintan: I’m not sure how to tell you but I just had a dream about her.

Anaru: Oh, you did…?

( to be continued )


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