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Ano Hana – Episode 4 “A white dress with a ribbon”

Yukiatsu: It doesn’t seem only you.

He’s very proud to talk to Jintan.

Jintan: Huh?

Yukiatsu: Who can see Menma.

Poppo: Hurry up, Jintan!

He wants to say something back to Yukiatsu but he has to leave there since Poppo is calling him. Tsuruko is giving Yukiatsu a cold look who is obviously sarcastic to Jintan.

Poppo is running and shouting in the woods looking for Menma who Yukiatsu said he’s just seen around, and Menma herself is following after him, too.

Poppo: Where are you, Menma?! Come in!

Menma: Where are you Menma! Come in!

She seems to be pretty enjoying this game. Jintan, Anaru and Tsuruko are following after them in a bit away. Suddenly he stops in the middle of the path.

Anaru: What’s matter?

Jintan: Just one Menma is pretty enough for me.

He tries to walk the way back.

Anaru: Um, please listen. As you tried to come to school the other day, you might have been offended by my friends. But I believe they didn’t mean to do it. So why don’t you come to school again…?

Jintan: I never minded that.

Anaru: Oh, really?

Jintan: Yeah, there’s nothing to do with my life whatever you and your friends tell me.

Anaru: What?! It’s not lovely of you at all!

Jintan: I’ve never planed to be so, not just like my dad.

Anaru: Wait, Yadomi! Ah!

As she starts running after him, she gets almost falling off the bank. He saves her from it in time by grabbing her hand.

Anaru: T… Thank you…

He seizes her arm even more.

Jintan: Never joking here… Are you understanding?

At the moment, she recognizes the bank they’re standing on is just where Menma actually fell off into the river and died in the past.

Anaru: Sorry, Yadomi…

Jintan: What if something happened to you like Menma…

Anaru: Hey, you said Menma showed up at your place, right? Then, I suppose that meant you loved her so much.

Jintan: You what?

Anaru: I think you loved her very, very much that you’re still seeing her who actually can’t be there.

Jintan: You just said you could believe me, didn’t you?

Anaru: I’m not sure myself but I feel I just want you to be as nice to her as you can if you can see her, please…

Tears in her eyes.

Jintan: Uh…

Poppo: Hey, Jintan! Did you find her there?

He calls him from a bit away.

Anaru: He’s calling. Let’s go?

Jintan: …All right.

( to be continued )


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