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Ano Hana – Episode 4-1

Having failed to find Menma out, they’re heading back for the hut.

Poppo: We couldn’t see her, after all.

Menma: What a shame! I did want to see Menma, too.

To make it sure, Menma is invisible and her voice is also inaudible except Jintan.

When they arrive at the hut, they find Yukiatsu is grilling the foods alone.

Yukiatsu: Welcome back. These ribs are ready.

Menma: It looks very delicious!

Poppo: Why have you been just staying here?

Yukiatsu: Well, as Menma asked me so.

Jintan and Menma: Hum?

Yukiatsu: When she appeared in front of me, she asked me not to bother her any more.

Poppo: Did she really say so?!

Yukiatsu: I didn’t hear her well, though. I guess she doesn’t want to be bothered by anything about her wish or else that she actually doesn’t want.

Jintan: Oh…

Menma: It’s never true! I’d much rather like that all of you are remembering me and getting reunited! I want all of you are staying best friends each other, even after I was dead! So…

It’s very painful for Jintan to see her crying that can’t be heard to the other people.

Poppo: If she asked so, we’d better stop doing that…

Anaru: I guess so, too.

Menma: Oh… it’s not true…

Seeing their reaction to Yukiatsu’s story and Menma’s sad face, he can’t help doing something about it. Then he comes up with an idea.

Jintan: Hey guys, look at this.

He shows them the steamed bread in a box Menma cooked.

Tsuruko: Is it steamed bread?

Poppo: Oh, I just remembered Jintan’s mom often made it for us!

Anaru: Yeah, it’s so sweet!

Jintan: Well, Menma… made this actually.

Yukiatsu: Huh?

Poppo: Um… that is…

They can’t hide their surprise, besides Yukiatsu starts laughing at Jintan.

Yukiatsu: Are you joking? Did the ghost cook that steamed bread for us? That’s far-fetched! Don’t you think so, Hisakawa?

Poppo: Um, well… a bit unusual idea, I guess.

Jintan: I don’t care how creepy or crazy I am that you assume, but Menma is saying she’d much rather like we still remember her and get reunited like this!

Menma is really impressed to see him backing her up.

Yukiatsu: That’s enough! You, such a bummer, can’t forget her yet and still being obsessed. Now well, I’m leaving after such a party pooper. Eat them all as you like, guys.

He throws the tongs over Poppo and leaves there.

Poppo: Hey, Yukiatsu!

Jintan: I’m sorry but I’m leaving, too. You can eat the steamed bread, too.

Poppo: You, leaving us, too?!

Anaru: Oh, Yadomi…

After the two having left, the rest of them are talking over the foods left on the cold grill. Charcoal has already been out just like their party over.

Poppo: It turned out to be a really bitter taste, like this overcooked rib.

Tsuruko: Hey, Hisakawa. How did Menma look like you saw before?

Poppo: Hmm… wearing a white dress and…

Tsuruko: Didn’t the dress have a small ribbon around here?

She points at her chest.

Poppo: I’m not so sure but I’ve got the feeling you right. How come you knew that? Have you seen Menma, too?

Tsuruko: No idea.

Poppo: Well, you’re a so mysterious girl, Tsuruko…

Anaru just sighs deep looking at the steamed bread Jintan left.

( to be continued )


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