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Ano Hana – Episode 4-5

They’re gathered at their nest in the mountain later the day. Anaru is carefully spraying an insect repellent on her skins.

Tsuruko: It’d be all right if you didn’t come.

Anaru: Not so mean! I just didn’t have anything to do tonight. By the way, should I lend you the insect repellent? I’d been suffered from a terrible itch all over my skin for days after that last barbecue.

Tsuruko: Thanks, but I’m all right without it. I think you should rather cover up your those exposed skins by clothing than using the spray.

Anaru: Nah, I’d rather look better in this dress, wouldn’t I?

A bit away from them, Jintan and Menma are talking.

Menma: I think you’re the top dog, never the underdog, Jintan.

Jintan: I should be a dog either way.

Menma: Well, I suppose what Yukiatsu said before may not have been a lie.

Jintan: What do you mean?

Menma: It wouldn’t be a surprise even if there were another me, Menma. Even for me, I don’t know why I’m being back here…

At the moment Poppo just comes back to the hut on his bike.

Poppo: Oh, what made you all come together? Are you holding a night party?

Anaru: Turn off the headlight first, will you? It kept dazzling us!

Poppo: Oh, sorry.

They move into the hut. Poppo is really impressed by the coffee that a coffee maker brewed.

Poppo: It tastes pretty good! Hardly able to compare with the canned one!

Tsuruko: My parents’ got a new coffee machine at the garage sale, so if you don’t mind it’s a used one, you could have it here for free.

Poppo: You’re very nice!

Anaru: She is? (with a very low voice)

She doesn’t seem to want to agree with him.

Poppo: Besides, you’ve got a plenty of nice cups for us!

Tsuruko: No problem. Those are just my own collections, and they’re taking up my room more and more these days.

Anaru: Have you been collecting them all by yourself?

Tsuruko: Sure. What’s matter with them?

Anaru: Nothing, but I just thought they looked like a bit strange kinds.

Tsuruko: You don’t need to get too concerned about my own taste.

Menma talks to Jintan looking at them.

Menma: It’s really fun being with our friends, which makes me very happy, but…

She can’t hide her loneliness that only she can’t join with them in real meaning. Jintan can’t help being worried about her but doesn’t know what to say to her.

Poppo: I have a good idea. I’ll make a coffee Menma, too. Is it all right, Jintan? Menma, where are you? Here or there?

He tries to give her a coffee, even though he can’t see her.

Anaru: Are you OK?

Jintan: Um, Poppo…

Poppo: After the last barbecue, I thought it again what Menma supposed to say to us that she was very happy if we were staying good friends each other, which convinced me she was most likely to say so. She was also worried about us forgetting her, wasn’t she? Then, don’t worry, Menma! Who could forget you even if he or she wanted to!

Menma gets very impressed by him.

Menma: Thank you, Poppo! I like you very, very much!

She jumps on his back.

Poppo: Oh?!

Anaru: What happened to you?

Poppo: I’ve just got staggered by something…

Although he can’t see Menma, he can just feel her weighing on his shoulders.

Poppo: I’ve got a bit chilly now. I might have taken coffee too much. Need to get out of here for the call of nature!

Menma: I’ll be pleased to tag along you!

He runs out of the thut with her being on his shoulders.

Jintan: Wait, Menma…

Suddenly Tsuruko quotes the phrase from Yukiatsu said to Jintan.

Tsuruko: “You, such a bummer, can’t forget about her yet and still being obsessed.”

Jintan: Um…

Anaru: S… Stop, Tusurko!

Tsuruko: Do you know all what he said to you before was actually meaning the matter of himself?

Jintan: Oh, yes?

As soon as they got out of the hut, Poppo and Menma run back into the hut with a great haste and shout.

Anaru: What’s matter?

Tsuruko: Your pants are unzipped.

Poppo and Menma: DDD… Don’t be silly! I… I just saw Menma outside!

( to be continued )


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