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Ano Hana – Episode 5-1

They’ve been kept silence each other since they went back to the hut.

Anaru: …It’s itchy… (in a low voice)

She might have been bitten by some insect.

Tsuruko: Then I’ll get back home.

Poppo: Did you know… all about that?

Tsuruko: A little, just an inkling I’ve got, though. Because I’ve been asked to come with him to the mall after school for years, in order him to get some dress, a white one with a ribbon, to give his “fictional” girl friend.

Menma is looking at her own dress in silence.

Jintan: So did it work out well?

Tsuruko: I believe so. When you need right cure for wounds, you need to get rid of the whole pus out of your injuries. However… a bit anxious. Since he’s such an utterly corrupt guy, there might be left nothing with him if he’s got squeezed out all his pus. Anyway, thanks.

Jintan: Oh…

She left the hut.

Meanwhile Yukiatsu, back in home, thinking about Menma’s message Jintan conveyed to him.

Yukiatsu: “Thanks for the hair clip, and sorry.”

He opens the top drawer of his desk, where a small hair clip lies in.

Yukiatsu: Menma…

He remembers the day the accident happened.

Being asked if he liked Menma, Jintan got embarrassed to run out of their nest. When Menma tried to run after him, Yukiatsu caught her.

Yukiatsu: Don’t go, Menma!

Menma: Why not? I have to catch up with him!

Yukiatsu: Let him go away as he wants! He’s just a bummer!

Menma: What?

Yukiatsu: I think you’re never ugly. You are…

He was talking about what Jintan had said to her just a minute ago that he didn’t like such an ugly girl. He took a nice hair clip out of his pocket and showed it to her.

Yukiatsu: Here.

Menma: What’s this?

Yukiatsu: I thought you’d look very cute with it on. It’s a gift for you who… who I love the most!

Menma: Oh!?

She got so surprised at his sudden “I love you” that she was at a loss for words. Both of two got pretty embarrassed each other. And after a while…

Menma: S… Sorry!

Yukiatsu: What?!

Menma: Well, Jintan is leaving, so I have to run after him right away! See you later, then!

She left behind him.

Yukiatsu: Menma…!

He threw away the hair clip into the woods.

But Menma died by the accident just after then and this is what torturing him for long time. At the same time, no one should have never known about this incident except for themselves but somehow Jintan was able to convey her apologizing to him. The fact actually made his thought change gradually.

Back to the present, he’s looking at a new same hair clip in his hand. He tries putting it on the wig just as he wanted Menma to do. He can’t put up with his tears, remembering her again.

On the same time, Tsuruko, back in home, is also at her desk and she’s looking in the drawer where an old hair clip lies in. Although it’s become old, it just looks like the one Yukiatsu threw away on that day. She takes it out, tries putting it on her hair, then checks herself in the mirror.

Tsuruko: Hmm… it may look better without glasses.

She takes off her glasses.

Tsuruko: …I can’t see well without glasses, though…

( to be continued )


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