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Ano Hana – Episode 6-3

Despite Jintan and some of her friends’ worries, Anaru is laughing pretty happily now. They’ve come to the small park somewhere.

Anaru: Did you say “Watch me, you all!”? Then they must have thought of you Hentai!

Jintan: Knock it off…

Anaru: But, you did have my back. Thanks.

Jintan: Um, it wasn’t big deal.

He’s a bit embarrassed at her smile.

Anaru: Though, it was mean of you to say I just looked like the woman who really knew how the passion motel was! I really didn’t go there or even I’ve never had a look at the inside of that!

Jintan: Yeah, yeah. I understand.

Anaru: You aren’t taking it seriously, are you?

Jintan: Anyway, you first go back home. Your mom should be worried about you now.

Anaru: That’s…

She tries to walk away somewhere.

Jintan: Hey, where are you off? It isn’t the right direction of your place, is it?

Anaru: I won’t get back home.

Jintan: What?!

Anaru: I’m sure my mom should tell me off if I get back home now. She must have already had a call from school about the trouble I made. She hates this sort of thing (maybe she means the escape from school), then will never forgive me.

She runs off.

Jintan: Oh, Anjo?! Hmm… you can’t help it anyway…

He looks at her school bag she left on the bench.

A few hours later in the hut.

Poppo: Are you sure going to stay here, Anaru?

Anaru: Just until things get cool down.

She’s come to the hut instead of her house. Jintan is looking at her at a loss.

Poppo: Until what? Do you really understand it’s my own residence where’s full of man’s fluid, like sweat, tears, and so on!?

She complains against him, flapping the dirty blanket.

Anaru: We made this nest together, didn’t we? To prove it, I etched a Hamutaro over there at that time. You see?

She points at one column below where they can find some strange creature etched on.

Poppo: Hamutaro…?

Jintan: It’d be rather like a sausage than the Hamster…

Anaru: First, I’ll clean up all the so-called man’s fluid. It’s too stink!

She starts to put away the mess on the bed, including some porn magazines of Poppo.

Poppo: W… Wait! Please don’t touch them!!

In the end, Jintan and Poppo are let get out of the hut while she’s cleaning up the room. A scream hears from inside the hut with big rattles at times.

Anaru: Oh no! I can’t believe it! Seems already rotten!

Poppo: What should we do about her then?

Jintan: Even if she insists on staying here for days, her mom should be told it by someone, otherwise it’d get a worse problem.

Poppo: I wonder if she could do it on her own. I remember she’d been such timid always hiding behind Menma.

Suddenly he asks Jintan in a low voice.

Poppo: By the way, is Menma here now, Jintan?

Jintan: Oh, not now.

Poppo: True?! Then why don’t we visit Menma’s home later? I think we’ll be able to get some hints about her wish there.

Jintan: Dude…

He remembers it again he’s been asked to help her wish come true by Menma.

Poppo: Are you OK?

Jintan: Yeah, in that case, wouldn’t it be better visiting her home with Menma herself?

Poppo: Nah, I’ve got the feeling she doesn’t like us talking about such a story in front of her.

Jintan: Sometimes, you’re really good at seeing implications.

He’s impressed.

Poppo: Of course yes! I’ve actually had the 5th degree shaman license in Vietnam!

I’m not sure but I think he made up this license.

Jintan: I’ve never known such license…

Poppo: Now, let Yukiatsu and Tsuruko know about our plan. His address is…

He’s sending an email to him by his cell phone.

( to be continued )


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