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Ano Hana – Episode 6-4

On the way to Menma’s house, Poppo’s got a reply to his cell phone from Yukiatsu saying he can’t take part in their plan today, neither can Tusurko, because they’re right before the exams so have to study hard until late.

Poppo: Oh, what a shame they say they can’t join us!

Anaru: I can see students in any major high school can’t help that.

Poppo: That’s true. When we reunited first, I figured we hadn’t changed at all, but it turned out to be not really – We’ve been changing bit by bit.

Jintan: On second thought, why don’t we stop visiting her place?

Poppo: Why not?

Jintan: Well, we’d never been there even when we were growing up.

Poppo: I know. Her father was so scary.

Anaru: However I think it may be a good chance for us.

Jintan: What do you mean?

Anaru: Well, I’ve been thinking of visiting her place someday to incense at her house altar.

In Japanese culture, incensing some joss sticks at one’s house altar(=Butsudan) means to pray for the people passed away being rest in peace.

Jintan: Hmm…

Anaru: What’s wrong, Yadomi?

Jintan: ( I’m a bit anxious what her mom will think about us when she sees us… )

He follows after them in silence.

Eventually they’ve gotten to Menma’s house. They can find her name still be on the nameplate with her other family’s. To Jintan’s surprise, her mother welcomes their sudden visit.

Irene: Oh my goodness! I never expected you all would come see us again! Meiko must be glad to welcome, too!

She seems really impressed and her eyes are watery.

By the way, her name is Irene, seems to be a Russian or might be mixed, although she speaks Japanese pretty well.

Irene: Come in. Would you like to see my daughter, too?

Anaru: Sure.

She leads them to the small room where their house altar placed. They sit down in the front of the altar and begin to pray for Menma. Jintan speaks to himself.

Jintan: ( No need to get upset myself. I knew she was already dead long ago… )

He turns around by chance then finds her mother looking at them in cold eyes. As she notices it, she averts her eye’s from Jintan. He wonders what the meaning of that. After then, she takes them to Menma’s room.

Irene: Here we are. It’s her room.

But they find there’s nothing left in the room.

( to be continued )


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