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Ano Hana – Episode 7-6

April 29, 2012

One day, when Jintan gets back home late, Menma is just standing inside the front door waiting for him back. She seems a bit upset. Advertisements

Ano Hana – Episode 7-5

April 26, 2012

In the end, Jintan starts to work at the same video game store that Anaru works at, too.

Ano Hana – Episode 7-4

April 23, 2012

Jintan is having dinner with his father home.

Ano Hana – Episode 7-3

April 20, 2012

One day, Jintan and his fellows are meeting in the hut.

Ano Hana – Episode 7-2

April 17, 2012

Meanwhile, Menma’s been waiting for Jintan back home. She’s killing time playing Nokemon.

Ano Hana – Episode 7-1

April 14, 2012

Having taken Poppo back to the hut, these three are about to read Menma’s diary.

Ano Hana – Episode 7 “Her Wish”

April 11, 2012

The original title is “Hontono Onegai“

Ano Hana – Episode 6-7

April 8, 2012

At dinner, Jintan has been talking to Menma about something, then…

Ano Hana – Episode 6-6

April 5, 2012

Finishing their visit to Menma’s home, Jintan and others are on their way home.

Ano Hana – Episode 6-5

April 2, 2012

Meantime, Tsuruko is just done with her classes and about to leave her desk, when suddenly two of her classmates approach her.