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Ano Hana – Episode 6-7

At dinner, Jintan has been talking to Menma about something, then…

Menma: What?

She seems really surprised.

Jintan: In some process, we decided to visit your house to greet your mother and we did it today.

Suddenly Menma turns upset.

Menma: Bo Chute! Bo Chute! Bo Chuute!!

Shouting so, she takes up his dishes from the table, even from his hand, one after another.

By the way, Bo Chute is a French word… no, it’s a Japanese idiom made up in one of the popular quiz show in Japan called “Sekai Fushigi Hakken“. It was actually made up of one Japanese word Boshu suru(= deprive ) and a Chute in English. In this show, if the participants give a wrong answer to the question, one of their small dolls on their table, which briefly stands for their score, fall inside the chute and deprived by the host, then the host says Bo Chute! each time it happens. That’s what Menma used here to express her angry.

Jintan: H… Hey!

Menma: Why… did you do that…?

Jintan: That’s because… are you all right, Menma?

He worries she doesn’t move at all, looking down the table.

Menma: You shouldn’t have reminded my mom of me…

Jintan: Oh…

Menma: I really know I’ve kept her feeling very very sad for long years because of me. I don’t want to make her cry, remind her of me any more!

Jintan: I don’t think she could forget about you anyway.

Menma: Even if it’s not complete, she could lose her memories of me in time…

He sees tears well up in her eyes a lot.

Jintan: Don’t tell a lie! Don’t you remember you said you were so happy if none of us forget about you, do you?!

Menma: But…

Jintan: Forget it!

Suddenly he slams his fist on the table.

Jintan: You’re always trying to care about other people too much!

Menma: Oh…

Jintan: You… You could think about yourself much more! I… I can’t put up with your such way! – Even being hurt, you won’t lose a smile on your face. Whenever you’re crying, it’s a matter of other people!

While yelling at her, he wonders why he’s getting so upset.

Menma: Jintan…! You’re bleeding from your nose!

Jintan: A… Am I?

Menma: Oh, Jeez! What should I do?! All right, put this kleenex into your nose!

Jintan: M… Moment!

Saying so, she sticks some kleenex into his nose with her index finger, which makes him fall on his back.

Jintan: Ugh!

Menma: Stay lying down and keep your face up, then you’ll be getting better soon… eh?

She’s sitting astride him and looking into his face so closely that makes him pretty embarrassed to continue his nose bleeding even more. He puts her down on the floor and stands up.

Jintan: Sorry, um, I’ll just go away home!

Menma: You will? It’s such late?

He runs out of his house and heads for the hut.

Jintan: Oh, I wonder what I was doing…

When he arrives at the hut, he finds Anaru inside there.

Anaru: Is it Yadomi? What brought you here at this late?

Jintan: Y… You’ve been back home, haven’t you? Oh, you should look at yourself!

She’s only wearing shorts and a tank top that might be a bit embarrassing for him. He’s got a nosebleed again.

I’m not sure in other counties but it’s a very common idea, at least in Japanese comics, sometimes men have got too excited at some really sexual things like a woman’s nude to have a nosebleed.

Anaru makes a small cry to assume he’s looking at her in a such way.

Jintan: I… It’s just been staying in my nose! Never like being aroused to damn you! Please slow dow… Nooo!!

Anaru: You, fool, hentai, goat!!

She gets him away from the hut, yelling and throwing things to him.

Jintan: Seeing her reaction, no doubt, she’s still virgin…

Just then, a flying can hits into his face and he loses his consciousness…


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