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Ano Hana – Episode 7 “Her Wish”

The original title is “Hontono Onegai

In the end, Jintan is back in the hut, where Anaru is telling him why she’s been there, not back home.

Anaru: Because mom terribly told me off! She sure looked like a Namahage! I even told her I was prepared to go away from home, but she dared me to do it right away if I could! Then I… ended up just like… giving as good as I got.

By the way, Namahage is a name of the made-up character appears in the folklore in northern Japan. He’s said to come to the children who don’t listen to their parents and in fact, his horrible face easily makes almost any kids yelling and crying at sight. Here, Anaru is referring to the Namahage for her mother’s angry face.

Back to the story, Jintan is looking around the table.

Anaru: What’s matter, Yadomi?

He picks up a stuffed animal looks like a kind of rabbit.

Jintan: So what’s this?

She grabs it from him immediately.

Anaru: I can’t sleep well without this!

Jintan: Then, this towel is?

Again, she grabs it from him.

Anaru: I need it, too!

Jintan: You’ve got quite an appetite for your well-sleep! Come on, you can neither get away from home forever, nor keep skipping school!

Anaru: You aren’t telling me about school?

Jintan: Listen, Anjo. I’m speaking it from experience. If once you started skipping school, you should make things awkward.

Anaru: Hmm?

Jintan: It won’t be any matters on the first day you try it. You’ll find hardly any changes with circumstances, thus you’ll be easily tempted to skip school next day, too. As you repeat the same thing for days, one day you must find yourself being in for it! I know it’s a bit too much for me to talk to you about this matter, though.

Anaru: I see. You must be right. You deserve to teach me, Yadomi.

Jintan: Oh, not like that…

Anaru: As I thought at first, you haven’t changed at all. You could take care of other people all the time, even when yourself in a difficult time.

He remembers he just said the same thing to Menma at home.

Jintan: I don’t think so myself, though Menma should be…

Hearing her name, Anaru switches their topic and she’s afraid to tell him.

Anaru: Having talked to Yukiatsu and others, now I think it may not be good for us to be obsessed with Menma forever.

Jintan: She actually is in my place, all the same.

Anaru: That’s what I just meant to you…

Jintan: Well, haven’t you believed in Menma?

Anaru: Oh, don’t get me wrong but…

He’s a bit upset at her for not believing his story after all. He stands up his seat.

Jintan: Now I’m off home.

Anaru: Please wait, Yadomi…!

As she walks up to him, she trips over her luggage on the floor and leans against him by accident. They’ve got embarrassed as their faces come closer to each other. Just then, Poppo comes back in the hut.

Poppo: Here, I’ve got a beef curry bowl for you, Anaru! Give me back 520 yen!

For him, Jintan and Anaru just look like being intimate right now. He feels he’s been to the scene he never should have come. Time stands still for a few seconds, then…

Poppo: The beef curry bowl is… dismissed!!

He runs away from the hut with great haste.

Jintan: W… Wait! It’s not like what you’ve thought!

Anaru: E… Eek!!

Losing his arm’s support, they crash down onto the floor at the same time.

Anaru: Come back, my beef curry bowl!!

Her shout echos in the hut.

( to be continued )


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