All different kinds of OTAKU

Ano Hana – Episode 7-1

Having taken Poppo back to the hut, these three are about to read Menma’s diary.

Poppo: We could learn something about her wish reading it.

Jintan: Right. Here goes nothing!

He speaks to himself.

Jintan: ( There must be something written about Menma herself and her wish in it, which I’ve never known… )

He looks determined to open the diary.

It reads “On February 12th – It was very fun playing with my friends today.”

Jintan: Hmm…

He turns the pages in a bit solemn attitude.

It reads “On February 14th – It was very happy playing with my friends today.”

Jintan: Um… it’s a bit…

Anaru: Too easy…

Poppo: There’re hardly any differences between them except for using “fun” or “happy”!

Jintan: “Sigh” I just remembered she wasn’t good at writing a composition very much.

Anaru: Hey look! There’s a bit different one though, which can read “Today, I fell during playing with my friends. It hurt!”

Poppo: Here’s another one, too! “We went to see Jintan’s mother in the hospital today.”

Anaru: Went to see her in the hospital…

Poppo: Yeah, we did it a lot with all of us.

Jintan remembers when they were kids for a while.

In old days, they often went to see his mother sick in the hospital together.

They always waved to her lying on the bed by the window from outside the hospital and she waved back to them. Even though they were too young, they may have thought it’d better to just wave from there than going into the room loudly.

On their way back home, they’re talking about his mother.

Tsuruko: She’s been sick in the hospital all along.

Menma: I’ve got a good idea! Let’s send a letter to the God to ask him for getting her better soon!

Anaru: But how?

Jintan: No idea…

Poppo: Look at that, Jintan!

Jintan: Yes?

There’s an announcement on a bulletin board telling about a rocket to take place in some sport event. They’re really excited to see it.


Back to the present.

Jintan: Well, I suppose…

He flips through the diary and finds one date.

Poppo: Jintan?

Jintan: Here! It reads “We decided to make a rocket together. I thought it should be a bit difficult for us but I’ll do my best.”

Poppo: I’ve just got we talked about sending a letter for her to the God by our rocket! Hey, it must be her wish, isn’t it?!

Anaru: Yeah, it should be! We tried hard but failed in the end, right?

They get so excited at this finding, though Jintan doesn’t seem so.

Jintan: For… my mother…

For him, it should be so heartbreaking to find out the reason why she’s been back to him.

( to be continued )


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