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Ano Hana – Episode 7-2

Meanwhile, Menma’s been waiting for Jintan back home. She’s killing time playing Nokemon.

Menma: Late back Jintan, bad boy Jintan, evil Jintan… Ouch!

She falls off from the edge of the bed she rolling on and hits her head on the floor. As the moment, she’s got a flash back of a scene Jintan’s mother smiling to her in the hospital bed. She wonders why.

Then she hears the gate open and expects his return. She climbs back on the bed and waits for him into the room but she looks like a bit sulking.

Menma: Oh, I don’t care about Jintan really!

Waiting for a while, he never comes into. She’s wondering to come to the kitchen downstairs, where she finds him cooking something.

Menma: Eating so much at midnight, you should get heavier!

She’s a little mean to tell him. Maybe she’s been still a bit upset with him for going to her house in secret.

Jintan: It’s you who’s to be heavier, though.

Menma: Hmm?

She looks into the pot.

Menma: It’s a Sio Ramen with stirred egg?

Jintan: I’m just trying to comfort you by feeding you something, I failed to find any Kenchan Ramen, though.

Both is one of her favorite.

Menma: Oh, man…

At the dining table, Menma is hungrily eating the ramen.

Menma: It’s very good!

Now she seems to be in a pretty good temper.

Jintan: Dad should be coming home soon, so eat with haste. So, I’m going to school tomorrow as well.

Menma: Hmm?

Jintan: Then, you never should come with me, right?

Menma: Hmm…

She tries to look into his eyes with deep suspicion, however he won’t see it straight. Jintan is afraid of her knowing about the diary that she may not like again. But good for him, it didn’t happen.

Menma: That would be great of you!

She taps his shoulders.

Menma: You deserve it. Say ahh!

She tires to feed him with the noodle.

Jintan: Oh, no thank you!

It’s a bit too embarrassed for him to be fed by her.

Menma: You won’t? All right. But please remember not to do any silly things again, OK?

Jintan: Uh, yes…

Her smile is a bit scared for him, tonight.

( to be continued )


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