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Ano Hana – Episode 7-4

Jintan is having dinner with his father home.

Dad: You said fireworks? I know someone who could make them.

Jintan: Really?!

Dad: Sure. One of my co-worker told me he’d play a role of a Hanabishi (=pyrotechnist) when a festival takes place. So, do you want to make some fireworks?

Jintan: Um… yes.

Dad: Why?

Jintan: Well, I just feel like to do.

Dad: By yourself?

Jintan: No, with Poppo and others.

His father smiles at his son warmly. He may be glad to know his son still has got some bonds with his old friends.

Jintan: What’s wrong?

Dad: Nothing wrong. OK! Do you want me to talk to him?

Jintan: Oh, it would be…

As he’s just got a good news from his father, Menma runs up to him downstairs.

Menma: Jintan, Jintan, Jintan!! I’m stuck in the miner’s town!

She’s talking about Nokemon she’s been playing, I guess. Jintan gets upset because he doesn’t want her to listen to the rocket plan.

Dad: I think I’ll give him a call afterward. How’s it?

Jintan: Oh, let’s figure it out the other time, please!

Both his father and Menma wonder why he’s getting so upset.


After few days later, Jintan has been to the house of the pyrotechnist to meet him that his father told Jintan about, where he’s got really surprised at his story.

Jintan: Oh, really!?

Man: Yeah, even the smallest one won’t be so affordable. Of course, I could try if you could pay that.

He’s astonished to know the cost to make a rocket.

Then he heads for a shrine where Anaru and Poppo are waiting for him. They’re pretty relaxed to eat Popsicles. Finding Jintan walking up to them without any cheer, she calls him out.

Anaru: Welcome back! How did it go?

But Jintan just gives back a big sign, then tells them the story he heard.

Anaru: 200,000 yen?!

Poppo: I… I’ve never seen such amount of money before!

Both of them gets surprised at the cost as Jintan did.

Jintan: Neither have I…

Poppo: Uh, but I think we could make it out by any means! For instance, me and Anaru will work much harder, Anaru?!

Anaru: No way! Don’t push your own idea to me!

Jintan: Work…

Poppo: Why not? It’s just the spirit of volunteer, isn’t it?

Anaru: But…

Poppo: I believe it wouldn’t be so difficult if you worked 7 days a week!

He’s kidding Anaru, then…

Anaru: I’ll… I’ll find a job, too!

Anaru and Poppo: What!?

It seems a big turning point is coming to Jintan.

( to be continued )


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