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Ano Hana – Episode 7-6

One day, when Jintan gets back home late, Menma is just standing inside the front door waiting for him back. She seems a bit upset.

Jintan: I’m home.

Menma: It’s too late! You’re a bad boy, Jintan!

Actually he’s been working all day but keeping it secret from her.

Jintan: Uh… I’m taking a bath now.

Menma: Are you listening to me?!

He goes upstairs without answering.

Menma: Something must be with him these days!

After he slept on the couch.

Menma: He’s got to go to bed earlier!

And next morning.

Jintan: I’m leaving now!

Dad: Take care!

Menma: He leaves somewhere in the early mornings, too!

Her suspicion about him grows bigger and bigger.

She and Jintan’s father are sitting at the table in the living room – Needless to say he can’t see her there. Then, the news program on TV starts introducing Today’s Dog in its feature segment.

Menma: If a girl dog comes next, I bet Jintan should be doing something!

She tries a kind of fortune herself. But the result is…

News caster: Today’s Dog is Oscar, 7-year-old girl.

Dad: Look, she’s a pug! How lovely wrinkles on her face!

Menma: Oh, no… a girl…

She’s got disappointed at the results.

Just then, someone comes to their house.

Dad: I’m coming! …Hi, good morning.

Woman: Good morning. Please give your sign here…

Dad: All right…

The woman’s bringing a kind of circular notice around neighborhoods, maybe.

Woman: By the way, did your son, Jinta, quit school?

Menma is listening to their conversation from the living room.

Dad: Oh, he didn’t, I think. But why?

Woman: Sorry for my strange question, but I just saw him working the other day.

Suddenly Menma appears from the back of his father.

Woman: I just wondered he already told you all about his doing?

Dad: Uh… not yet. But in our family, it’s regarded as a kind of free will. I usually let him do anything on his own thought, so it’s OK.

Menma: It’s never OK!! Never Never Never!!!

To hear the news Jintan’s working without going school, Menma gets too panic to run out of the house searching for him.

( to be continued )


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