All different kinds of OTAKU

Ano Hana – Episode 7-7

Eventually Menma arrives at the hut, where she finds Anaru airing a comfort outside. She seems talking to someone on the cell phone.

Anaru: Hi, Poppo. …Yeah, I’m not but he’s working now. It seems he’s in some favor of our manager. He’s going to there with you at the evening, right? What? Did you say the construction site in Mount Hitsuji? Isn’t it going to be a too tough job for his first day?! …Yeah, I know. To make money quickly, working at the construction site is one of the best ways. Anyway, I didn’t know rockets soar up with huge bucks.

As Menma hears her conversation, she remembers the rocket they once tried to make and failed when they were kids. She was the first to say about the rocket. Soon she understands Jintan just started working to make money for her wish.

She leaves there quietly and returns her way, still Anaru keeps talking on the phone.

Anaru: By the way, did you hear from Yukiatsuruko?(= either Yukiatsu and Tsuruko)

Poppo: Yeah, once in a while.

Anaru: They should join our plan, too! I guess they both are pretty worried about Jintan!

Poppo: …said Jintan?

Again, she just called his nickname by happen.

Anaru: Jintan is Jintan! You call him so, too, don’t you?! Anything wrong with me!?

She tries to hide her embarrassment from Poppo.

In the evening, somewhere in Mount Hitsuji, Jintan is working at the road construction.

Man: Come up, newbie!

Jintan: Right now!

He’s carrying up some dirt with a wheelbarrow.

Man: Next, come here!

Jintan: Sure!

He’s unusually speaking loudly. Poppo is also working near Jintan. A man looking at Jintan talks to Poppo.

Man: That boy works so hard.

Poppo: Yeah, he’s great, a hero of us!

There Menma is looking at Jintan by the road, too. She’s really impressed at the sight.

Menma: He’s been taking care of me a lot while I didn’t try to think about myself…

Man: Hey, watch your step, boy!

Jintan: Sure!

The road is dark and bumpy so he’s about to stumble over a rock. Suddenly someone brings a light down on his way from his back. He looks around but it’s too bright to see anything but he just feels Menma standing there in the light.

Man: Hey, don’t move the light, huh!

Man: What happened?

Poppo: I don’t know… some wind did?

Man: It couldn’t be moved by just a breeze?

All workers wonder why one of the lights changed its direction on its own. No one knows Menma did it to help Jintan. She’s just watching him from the behind of the tree.

Menma: Yeah, I know. He’s been… a really cool guy, brightly shining in the light…!

(to be continued )


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