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Ano Hana – Episode 8-7

After parting from Satoshi, Jintan is coming to the hut. He decided to return Anaru’s handkerchief that she’d used when he was down at work. He enters the hut.

Jintan: Hi, A… Anjo?

As he opens the door, he’s surprised to find all of his friends are there.

Poppo: Oh, you’ve come here, too, Jintan!

Jintan: How come you’re all here…?

Tsuruko: Yadomi…

Yukiatsu: What were you doing today?

He looks at Jintan sharply.

Jintan: Of course, I was working.

Yukiatsu: Weren’t you making phone calls to us, were you?

Jintan: A phone calling?

Tsuruko: We got a silent phone call around 5 today.

Jintan: A silent call…?

They’re suspecting Jintan of these silent phone calls.

Yukiatsu: Now, you won’t say it has to do with Menma again, will you?

Jintan: Menma? Well, me and dad were both out working at that time so it might be Menma…?

To hear Jintan’s answer, Yukiatsu finally breaks at him. He walks up toward Jintan and wrings up his collar.

Yukiatsu: Ah, Menma, Menma… Do you really understand what you’re doing, eh?!

Anaru: Oh, no!

Tsuruko: Stop, Yukiatsu!

Yukiatsu: Here’s Menma now, eh? Then show me! Let me see her, too!!

He’s putting his strength into his fist even more, just then Poppo tears him off Jintan.

Poppo: Enough, Yukiatsu!

Jintan is almost choking.

Anaru: Are you all right?!

Tsuruko: Calm down!

Poppo: She’s right! Slow down!

Then suddenly, Jintan only notices someone has just stepped into the hut. He turns around and finds Menma there but anyone else can only see the curtain at the entrance flutter.

Jintan: Menma…

Everyone’s startled at him calling her name again and some of them even get upset.

Yukiatsu: Damn you!

Anaru: Enough! You’d better know it!

Tsuruko: You do her ghost playing even at this moment?! That’s bullshit, Yadomi!

Jintan: Oh, it’s not…

Nobody but Poppo no longer trusts Jintan.

Menma: I’m… sorry, my friends…

Jintan: Why you have to feel sorry…

Yukiatsu: YADOMI!!!

Since Jintan wouldn’t listen to them, at least he doesn’t looks so to them, Yukiatsu gets furious at him again.

Poppo: Is.. is she there now, Jintan?!

Anaru: You’d better know it, too, Poppo!

Tsuruko: Cool down, Yukiatsu!

Menma: Give me a moment, Jintan.

She walks up to the table in the middle of the room.

Jintan: Menma…?

Just the moment, Yukiatsu gets himself free from Poppo who’s been holding him and grabs Jintan’s collar again. He raises his fist to hit in Jintan’s face, but just then he stops. Jintan wonders why.

Yukiatsu: I beg… I beg you. Stop that right now, please…

He tells him it even crying.

Yukiatsu: What we did to her would be never forgotten for the rest of our life. I don’t believe she’s sorry for us! She’d never forgive us!

Jintan: Yukiatsu…

Then suddenly Menma’s diary is dropped on the ground. That sound gets their attention.

Poppo: A diary…?

Anaru: Why? It’s even not blowing?

Tsuruko: Oh, don’t tell that!

Actually Menma did drop the diary.

Poppo: But… how did it happen?

He picks it up then he gets astonished to see one page of the diary.

Anaru: What’s the matter, Poppo?

Poppo: Hey, look at this…

Anaru: Yes? “I played with my grown-up friends in our nest today.”

As she goes on reading the new page of the diary, everyone looks like not knowing what’s going on.

Anaru: “No good fighting. We, the Super Peace Busters, are always nice friends.”

Yukiatsu: Just pass me that!

He looks into the diary.

Yukiatsu: This is her writing… for sure…

Tsuruko: Hers?

Menma: You’re right!

Jintan: ( What do you mean to, Menma…? )

Poppo: Hey, Jintan. Is it really… Menma?

Jintan: Y… Yes.

Menma is just smiling in the circle of them. And since this moment, they’ve got to be realized her existence anyway.


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