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Ano Hana – Episode 9 “Menma and fellows”

The original title is “Menma to Minna”

One day evening, they’ve all come to Jintan’s home. They’re all very nervous about something sitting at the table in the living room. The light on the ceiling is somehow blinking all the time, which makes them feel even more unusual. Then suddenly…

Menma: Ouch!

She slips a heated lid from her hand when she takes it from a pot.

Jintan: Just take it easy, Menma!

But anyone else can only see the lid falling on the floor and just hear the noise of that. Then they see the faucet on the sink turn on the water by itself and a bowl of steamed bread moving toward them in the air! In the end, it’s put on the table.

Menma: Sorry to keep you waiting! Now, please enjoy them!

All: Oh…

In fact Menma and Jintan invited them to their house to serve steamed bread that Menma would make. Jintan comes after her and interprets her words to them.

Jintan: She’s saying please enjoy them, so proudly.

Anaru: Oh, no! Sorry, but I’m feeling chilly now!

She clings to Tsuruko.

Tsuruko: Stop doing that. I don’t like this…

Menma: Please have a bite. Oh, I’ll take the biggest one for you, Poppo the biggest!

She picks up the biggest steamed bread from the bowl and puts it on the plate in front of him. He’s just at a loss for what he’s seeing right now.

Jintan: Since you’ve grown up the most, she took a biggest one for you, Poppo, she’s saying.

Poppo: Yes… Yes! I’ve really grown up!

He bites into his share.

Poppo: It’s soooooo delicious, Menma!!

He’s too moved to even start crying as he’s eating.

Menma: Good!

Suddenly Yukiatsu asks Menma.

Yukiatsu: So, for me, which one is the best for me, Menma?

Menma: Well…

Jintan: Ah, for Yukiatsu, the one that contains raisins the most…

Menma: I’m not saying so!

Yukiatsu: Menma, I’d like you to let me know directly. Please, Menma!

She’s a bit confused how to answer his request.

Tsuruko: Yukiatsu…

Anaru: Here’s paper and a pen! Ask her to write down her thought?

Just as soon as she gives them Jintan, Menma grabs them from his hand. For them, it looks like the paper and the pen just moved from his hand onto the table on its own, which makes them a bit scared again.

Menma: Well…

She’s trying to write down but the pen doesn’t work.

Menma: Why? I can’t write anything, Jintan!

Jintan: What is it? You were able to write down on your diary…? Give me the pen.

He finds the pen work correctly by testing it.

Jintan: Hmm… it doesn’t seem to be running out of ink.

Menma: Let me try it again!

Jintan: Oh, wait a moment!

She’s taking the pen from his hand and again it looks like the pen is moving on its own to them, which makes some of them scared again.

Tsuruko: Eek!

This time, Tsuruko is too scared at the scene to cling Anaru’s neck.

Anaru: Y… You’re choking me, Tsuruko…!

But Yukiatsu only remains silent and he looks like he’s thinking of something deeply.

( to be continued )


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