All different kinds of OTAKU

Ano Hana – Episode 9-1

After a few hours staying Jintan’s place, they’re on their way home now.

Poppo: I’m feeling so… sleepy now.

Tsuruko: I know. It’s just like… exhausting.

Then they notice Anaru sobbing.

Poppo: What’s the matter?

Anaru: It finally turned out Menma not to be mad at us. She’d forgiven us!

It’s her tears of joy, but…

Tsuruko: Who knows she’s forgiven us?

Anaru: But she even cooked steamed bread for us. Wasn’t that so?

Tsuruko: It may happen that she’s been back to us because she wanted to tell us how angry she’d been at us.

There’s an awkward silence for a few moments, then…

Poppo: A… Anyway, I wish I had known it first that she was able to write something!

Tsuruko: You’re telling me. If we’d been known the fact, we could have been able to start some communication with her and believe in her more easily.

Poppo: Both Jintan and Menma sometimes get a bit more careless than they should be.

Yukiastu: You’re wrong. It was true that he’d kept telling us to believe in Menma, however he actually wanted to keep her only to himself!

Anaru: What?

Yukiatsu: Listen, Hisakawa and Anjo. Keep the money you’ve saved up to you, right?

Poppo: Oh, OK…

Yukiatsu: We shall make a rocket for her then let her rest in peace, by all means!

Tsuruko: Yukiatsu…

Even after realizing Menma just exists, it isn’t so easy for Yukiatsu to feel happy enough, maybe mainly because of his jealous of Jintan.

( to be continued )


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