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Ano Hana – Episode 9-2

As soon as her friends left home Menma went to bed. Jintan is watching her face.

Jintan: No wonder you got so tired after such a mess. Do you know we’re trying to make a rocket for you to go rest in peace? How do you think of it?

He lies himself on the bed beside her. Then suddenly she holds his shirt. He’s surprised not to have expected she was listening to his story.

Jintan: Are you still up…?

Menma: Thank you, Jintan. Thank you…

He remains silence but thinks in his mind it’s the right way they have to go.

After then, he continued to work at the road construction site day after day. Menma often came to see him there. When he finds her there, he always sent back her a smile.

And the other day, Jintan and some of his friends once again visited to the house of a pyrotechnist to ask him to make a rocket for them, it didn’t work out well, though. Now they’re coming to the shrine.

Poppo: We lost again…

On the other hand, Menma is pretty enjoying going around on the wooden floor of the shrine just like a kid.

Jintan: Menma, you’d fall if you go so fast!

Menma: I’ll be all right!

Poppo: Hey, is she running now? Then, I’ll try it , and catch you, Menma!

Anaru: Oh, dude.

She’s reminded of the day that she poured her heart out to Jintan at work. But having known Menma really exists, she’s been feeling as if she had to give him up.

Anaru: ( But, I don’t want to… )

Just as she tries to tell him something, Jintan suddenly begins talking to her.

Jintan: How can I give up?

She expects some romantic topics would come to her, however it doesn’t happen.

Jintan: I beg you! Could you please change my shift next week?

Anaru: Your shift…?

Jintan: There’s going to be a road construction near the bridge on Thursday and I’d get paid much better there, so…

She looks a bit disappointed not to hear what she expected him. Then Menma is running up to him.

Menma: Jintan! Please listen to me!

Jintan: Oh, you finally got satisfied?

Seeing him talking to Menma happily, Anaru can’t help feeling a bit lonely, maybe a bit jealous of Menma, too.

( to be continued )


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