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Ano Hana – Episode 9-5

To hide tears in her eyes from her friends, Anaru got out of the shrine. She told them she’d go and buy some drinks but she’s actually come to the small park near, where she’s curling up and crying. Then someone walks up to her.

Yukiatsu: Hey.

She gets surprised to see Yukiatsu there.

Yukiatsu: Thanks for your out. If I had been there any longer, I might have started yelling, too.

He tells her that he felt as sorry as Anaru when he saw the scene of Jintan and Menma.

Yukiatsu: Now I’ve understood the fact that Menma is just existing there, though neither I can see her or talk to her…

Anaru feels a bit sorry for him.

Yukiatsu: I really wanted to meet Menma again but… why just Yadomi?

Anaru: In the end, it is just Yadomi for her and just Menma for him, too. It’s never changed at all since then.

Yukiatsu: So, you didn’t work out with him after all, did you? You’d started to call him by nickname again, but short after then you stopped it.

She’s upset with him for almost insulting her.

Anaru: What do you think you are?! You’re always showing off as if you knew everything of others. It’s disgusting!

Yukiatsu: Not everyone but you that I can make some prediction for. It’s like sympathies with someone who is under the same circumstances.

To hear his word, Anaru gets more upset with him.

Anaru: No way! I’m definitely not so mean like you!

She almost starts crying.

Yukiatsu: Hey, slow down…

He tries to reach her to make her calm down but she slaps his hand off. She looks very sad and he gets sorry about what he just said to her.

Yukiatsu: I’m really sorry…

Meanwhile Tsuruko is searching for Yukiatsu and Anaru. She passes by drink vending machines checking out neither of two is there. When she comes by the small park, she hears his voice coming from there.

Yukiatsu: So sorry…

Tsuruko swiftly hides herself in the shade and decides to listen to them for a while.

Yukiatsu is quite at a loss since Anaru hasn’t stopped crying yet. So he touches his finger on her cheek and wipes up her tears gently. Anaru is really surprised and a bit embarrassed by him.

Yukiatsu: You may not have taken it seriously what I told you before but I’m still serious about that.

Anaru: What did you tell me before?

Yukiatsu: Why don’t we try dating each other?

She gets too astonished to step away from him, which looks a bit funny to him, though.

Yukiatsu: You look too naive about men.

Anaru: Damn on you!

She kicks him on the thigh.

Yukiatsu: Oh, a nice middle kick!

She gets upset about his attitude again that he won’t apologize to her. She walks up to him and grabs up his collar.

Anaru: What’s the nice kick, huh?! Are you kidding me?!

But he’s still giggling at her.

Anaru: Stop your silly laughing! Can’t you see me really upset?!

Yukiatsu: Come on, that was not so serious, was it?

But from the shade, Tsuruko has been watching all about them. In some way, they look they’re getting along with each other very well, which makes Tsuruko feel sorry, maybe even jealous of Anaru.

( to be continued )


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