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Ano Hana – Episode 10-1

Meanwhile, Poppo has been to Jintan’s place. They’re getting ready for good-bye Menma party.

Poppo: Hey guys! Keep your hands working! You know it’s got to be the greatest party on the eve of sending Menma off tomorrow! So it needs the most gorgeous decoration, too!

Menma: I’ll make paper flowers with Kleenexes!

It seems they’re making plenty of decoration for the party tonight.

Jintan: Hey. I don’t think you’re supposed to work with us as a main guest.

He talks to Menma but she looks pretty happy about this.

Menma: But it’s really fun!

Then Poppo notices a paper flower in her hand.

Poppo: Oh, you made it really well, Menma!

She makes a sign of victory at Poppo.

Poppo: And you, Jintan. Don’t slack off! Please make a wastebasket with those flyers, OK?

Jintan: Well, all right… Wait. A wastebasket??

He doesn’t understand well why they need a wastebasket.

Poppo looks much more eager than usual today. He starts his story.

Poppo: When we were kids, you know I was good for nothing in class, right?

Jintan: Hmm?

Poppo: I had to draw their attention by doing any silly things myself. But you guys were different. You welcomed me as a friend! However I still had to be watching you, just watching…

Looking back on it, Poppo looks a bit down. Jintan wonders why he talks about his this story now.

Jintan: Are you all right, Poppo?

Poppo: Oh, yeah! So, leave everything to me this time, OK? I’ll go all out for seeing you off, Menma!

Menma: Thanks a lot! You’re really kind, Poppo!

However, for some reason, Jintan doesn’t look as happy as the rest of them.

At Menma’s parents home, her mother and father are talking about something in the living room.

Manabu(Menma’s father): So, will you go?

Irene(Menma’s mother): No way!

There’s a letter on the table that Jintan put into their mailbox in this early morning, which is an invitation to the launching their rocket. But Irene never looks happy with it.

Irene: I can’t believe those kids haven’t been satisfied with torturing us yet! Not yet!

Satoshi(Menma’s brother): But I’ll go.

Suddenly he comes into the room. Irene gets upset about his words and clings to his shoulders.

Irene: Why?! Why will you go, Sa-Kun?!(his nickname)

Manabu: Hey, calm down!

Satoshi: Mom, do you know my height now? I’ve really grown up since last year.

With that, he walks away the room. At the moment, Irene understands how Satoshi has been feeling about his mother. She knows he must have been lonely, too and she can’t help start crying.

Manabu walks close to her and puts a handkerchief on her cheek gently.

Manabu:: I should have known it earlier how lonely both you and Satoshi have been feeling.

Irene is really surprised at his words.

Manabu: Not only you, but who can forget Meiko? It quite makes sense. But… when you have to feel sorrow for our daughter, then let’s share the same sorrow with our family in the future. Don’t be alone…

Maybe because her husband has never been as compassionate toward her as now, she can’t put up with tears of delight. She still goes on crying, but now she’s got her husband hugging her shoulders so gently.

( to be continued )


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