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Ano Hana – Episode 10-2

Late afternoon, Yukiatsu and Anaru are talking at the fast food restaurant.

Anaru: I’m a bit worried what will happen to us.

Yukiatsu: You mean after launching the rocket?

Anaru: In old days, I always hoped if Menma went away somewhere. If that happened, I thought I could be the closest one to Jintan. But it turned out not to be true. After we actually lost Menma, the relationship between me and Jintan was getting weaker and weaker. After a long time, we’ve got close to each other again, though just because Menma came back to us.

Yukiatsu: Luck of us…

Anaru: Hmm…?

She just doesn’t understand what he meant to. But then, his cellphone starts ringing.

Yukiatsu: It’s from Tsurumi. Hello?

Tsuruko: Are you going to the nest tonight?

Yukiatsu: I’m not sure yet.

Tsuruko: Are you with Anjo now?

Yukiatsu: Yeah, so what?

Tsuruko: You’re a coward.

He can’t say anything back to her. To see him change his mood suddenly, Anaru asks him.

Anaru: Is it Tsuruko?

Tsuruko: You were always so eager to send Menma back to rest in peace, but at the very last moment you’ve got cold feet, right?

Yukiatsu: No, I don’t!

In fact, Tsuruko is on the street near the restaurant, where she can see the two talking inside. She might have followed after Yukiatsu after school.

Tsuruko: Funny story. Getting scared of Menma, getting away from Menma, and you ended up coming to Anjo in order to make yourself feel better “It’s not only me who feels miserable”.

Yukiatsu: Um…

She’s too precise for him to talk back anything to her.

Tsuruko: I’ve also remembered what Menma said to me on the phone. She just said “I’ve got something to ask you about Jintan”.

Yukiatsu: What?

With that, she hangs up.

Anaru: What’s the matter, Yukiatsu? What did she say?

He suddenly stands up and talks to Anaru seriously.

Yukiatsu: I’d like to ask you something. Yes, nobody else can make it but you, Anaru!

She’s got surprised by him calling her by nickname maybe after a long time.

( to be continued )


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