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Ano Hana – Episode 10-7

The day has come. In the early morning, Jintan is watching Menma still sleeping in the bed. He remembers that Menma said she had to go back and rest in peace so that she could talk to all her friends again by reincarnation.

Jintan: Aren’t you satisfied with only me…?

He strokes her head gently, then stands up and leaves the room.

Meanwhile Menma is dreaming about Jintan’s mother, who’s lying on the hospital bed.

Toko(Jintan’s mother): Do you know what’s reincarnation, Menma?

Menma: Reincarnation?

Toko. Yes. Even if people die, after then they could be born again as a new baby, though it could be a baby of cats or even flowers, not of men. So, you don’t need to worry about me at all.

She’s telling her story so that Menma won’t be worried about her health too much.

Menma: That sounds great!

Toko: But, there’s only one thing… only… one thing…

When it comes here, Menma wakes up. She finds her hands getting even more transparent than before, which means she’s running out of her time gradually.

Menma: Please, please wait a bit longer, Jintan’s mom. My friends are getting the rocket ready for me, so please…

After a few hours later, Menma, Jintan and others are gathered at the launching place at the foot of a mountain. But only Tsuruko hasn’t come yet. Yamasan the pyrotechnist calls to them.

Yamasan: First, we begin with attaching a gimmick(He calls it Syoimono in the show) on it.

Poppo and Menma: Yes, sir!

They get to each work. Jintan and Anaru is working together. She looks into his face and finds him not very happy as he’s supposed to be, even though the day’s finally come, which he’s been working his butt off for. She’s a bit anxious about him. On the other hand, Menma is also standing by them. Not like Jintan, she looks pretty enjoying this time. Jintan takes a glance at Menma and she smiles back at him.

Jintan: ( Oh, Menma… )

Eventually Tsuruko shows up there.

Tsusurko: Sorry I’m late!

She runs up to their place but they notice that she looks quite different from yesterday.

Poppo: That’s…?

Yukiatsu: …Tsurumi?

She’s had her hair cut very short.

Menma: So sweet! She looks like when she was little!

Tsuruko joins to Jintan’s team.

Anaru: What is that all about?

She asks about her short hair.

Tsuruko: It’s just a change of mood…

She gives a big sigh after a few moment.

Tsuruko: It’s a lie.

Anaru: I knew it.

Another couple of hours has passed. Their work is getting closer to finish. Menma is now playing with an umbrella in her hands, though Jintan still looks a bit gloomy.

Poppo: Jintan, can you hold up that?

Jintan: Ah, sure. Is it all right?

Poppo: OK. 1… 2… 3… Here we go!

When they hold up the body of the rocket to carry, someone walks up to them.

Satoshi: Hello.

Jintan: Gosh! I never expected you’d come see us!

Among of all, Menma is the most surprised to see him there. The next moment she runs up to her brother and hugs him tight.

Satoshi: Is this…?

Jintan: W… What’s the matter?

Satoshi doesn’t know about Menma being back to them.

Satoshi: I just smell something I used to know…

He can’t see or hear Menma, but somehow he can just sense her smell.

Menma: Is it you who invited Sa-Kun for me, Jintan?

Jintan: Ah, yeah.

She looks very happy, hugging and pressing her cheek against Satoshi adorably.

Menma: Thank you so much, Jintan…

Poppo: What’s going on, Jintan?

Jintan: Um, it’s all right…

Despite the moving reunion, it certainly makes Jintan feel even stronger that they’re heading toward the finale.

( to be continue )


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