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Ano Hana – Episode 11-3

At Jintan’s home, Menma is by herself in the living room.

Menma: Ready or not? I’m not yet…

She’s mumbling some phrases kids use during playing hide and seek in Japan.

Then Jintan’s father comes home getting into the living room.

Atsushi(Jintan’s father): I’m home! Sorry, I’m a bit late! Oh, Jinta’s not here?

Since the light is on, he thought Jintan was supposed to be at home – Of course he can’t see Menma.

Atsushi: Hmm… he’s still working? He may have forgotten to turn the lights off.

Menma: Ah, Jintan’s Dad…

He goes to the next room sitting in front of the house altar and begins talking to his wife’s picture.

Atsushi: I’m back now, Toko(his wife’s name). Today I just saw Jinta getting together with his friends of the Super Peace Busters. He’s getting more outgoing recently, you know? Now, I’m taking a bath.

He leaves the room. Menma starts mumbling a song again.

Menma: Wanna know what Jintan’s up to these days…

In the meantime, Jintan and others are still at the shrine and some of them are still crying. Then suddenly,

Anaru: I’ll give her my apology!

Others: What?

Anaru: I won’t care about Jintan any more! I need to apologize to Menma first, then…

But Jintan notices something strange with her.

Jintan: Wait, Anaru…

Anaru: What’s the matter!

Jintan: Well… you’ve got your eyelashes double…

Anaru: Oh, jeez! These fake eyelashes…!

She’s been crying so hard her fake eyelashes are almost coming off from her eyes. She looks so weird Yukiatsu who was just crying can’t help giggling now.

Anaru: Hey, Yukiatsu!

Tsuruko: Actually, I’ve been wondering you look different with your eyes than before, Anaru.

Anaru: Don’t say that, Tsuruko!

Poppo: I don’t think you need such a volume of hair, Anaru.

Yukiatsu: You look all right just as you are, Anaru.

Anaru: Oh, thanks guys! But don’t call me Anaru!

She’s being pretty upset, though no one is crying any more.

( to be continued )


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