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Ano Hana – Episode 11-8 Epilogue

Jintan: Menma smiled as I expected.

After then, Jintan decided to resume going to school.

One morning, he meets Anaru on the way to school. He walks up to her and tries to get back her a handkerchief he borrowed from her. Anaru is so moved her eyes gets a bit watery. But then, her friends, Haruna and Aki, run up to them. Since they mistook Anaru’s tears for something like Jintan bullying her, Haruna strikes his head with her school bag to stop him, which looks so funny for Anaru she can’t help giggling at him. Haruna and Aki never know why she looks so happy but that’s all right.

Jintan: We’re growing up. As the seasons go by, flowers along the road are changing as well.

Yukiatsu and Tsuruko are both on the same train, maybe on the way home. They look just as they used to be, however something might be a bit different. Yukiatsu is asking her if she’d like to try the snack he has. After knowing she’s been thinking much of himself so long, he might have changed his mind towards Tsuruko to be nicer. But she doesn’t take his offer – She even looks like sulking at him, which makes Yukiatsu pretty embarrassed. Looking at him confused like this, Tsuruko starts giggling. And a small pink hairpin that looks like the one Yukiatsu threw away in old days is now quietly put on her hair.

Jintan: I wonder what’s the name of the bloom we found in that season, which was trembling, a bit thorny, and smelled of the sun with a bit green scent.

And, Poppo just started to study in order to get some academic certificates. He’s even studying at the break time during work. It is very difficult for him but he never seems to give up.

Jintan: As we’re growing up, we might forget what kind of scent of the bloom was like. Though, I’m just sure the flower will keep blooming somewhere.

He came to their nest in the mountain, where he’s looking at the message etched on the bar. Then suddenly, he hears someone calling him from outside, where Anaru, Poppo, Yukiastu and Tsuruko are also coming together.

Jintan: Yes. We’re going with the wish of that bloom forever!

“The Super Peace Busters will be staying a friend long.”

They’ve finally found the bloom in their mind, by the name of Menma.

( Fin )


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