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Nazono Kanojo X – Prologue

Licking is believing” they said.

This story is basically a love story between a boy named Akira Tsubaki and a girl named Mikoto Urabe in high school, though it turned out to be much more weird, funny but sometimes straightforward than I expected first. So, I thought it’d be great if I pick up this story as the next topic for my blog.

One of the main character, Mikoto Urabe, is a considerably odd girl.

First, it seems that she much less cares about how she looks to the others, not like the average teens in her age. She has short black hair but always a bit bushy. Her bangs are pretty long that anyone can hardly see her eyes usually.

Second, not only to her own appearance, but also she’s pretty indifferent to the others. She always communicates with the others in a quite offhand manner.

And last, she has a couple of unusual physical phenomenon especially with her mouth-water(= saliva ), though I stop being a spoiler now.

On the other hand, Akira Tsubaki is a pretty normal boy compared to Mikoto.

Just like other teens, he’s getting more interested in females and sex recently, though he doesn’t seem to have any chances so far.

Just one thing, he often has a strange dream at night, which might be rather unique.

Then, the story begins by the day Mikoto transferring to the Akira‘s class.

What’s going on them? I’m really looking forward to it myself.

Have fun!


Official web site ( in Japanese )



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