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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 1-5

Akira asks Mikoto if there’re some special chemicals or virus in her mouth-water, but Mikoto suddenly bursts out laughing listening to his question. 

Mikoto: Excuse me but your thought was so original that I couldn’t help it…

She takes a deep breath. Then, she sits down on his bed once again.

Mikoto: Listen, Tsubaki. Your illness had nothing to do with any special chemicals or virus.

She’s looking into his eyes closer.

Mikoto: You just got lovesick, after all.

At the moment, Akira feels like that the golden syrup he dreamed about days before is splashed on his head.

Mikoto: There’s nothing special with my mouth-water. You just hoped to lick your love’s mouth-water once again, and that was all about your addiction.

Akira: My love’s mouth-water…?

Mikoto: You actually looked pretty surprised looking at my face when you woke me up sleeping at the desk on that day. So, didn’t you fall in love with me at the moment, did you?

She smiles at him for the first time. He can’t answer anything but he sure feels she looks wonderful with a smile.

Mikoto: Now, I’ve got to go home. Don’t miss the classes from tomorrow, OK?

With that, she leaves his house. Akira can’t help keeping eyes on her through the window while she’s going off.

Akira: Next day, I’ve returned to school.

During a class, he glances at Mikoto next to his seat, but she looks pretty as usual as before.

After school, he says good-bye to Kohei.

Kohei: Bye, Tsubaki!

Akira: Bye, Ueno!

On the way home, he finds Mikoto standing near the bridge.

Akira: Oh, Urabe…

She finds him coming up, too.

Mikoto: Hi Tsubaki! Let’s go home together halfway!

This time, she looks happy not as usual.

Akira: Have you been waiting… for me??

It’s a bit surprising for him she’s been here.

Mikoto: Yes.

Then they start walking along home together, they’re not very talkative though.

Akira: Then, I’m going this way, Urabe.

When they’ve arrived at a splitting way to each home, he says good-bye to Mikoto.

Mikoto: Wait!

She stops him leaving. Suddenly she puts her forefinger into her mouth and gets it soaked with her mouth-water, then sticks the finger in front of his face.

Mikoto: Here.

Akira: What?!

Mikoto: Lick it.

He gets pretty confused at her offer.

Akira: But, why?!

Mikoto: Tsubaki! If you don’t lick this, you’ll have to suffer from the addiction again! You don’t want to take sick days again because of a fever, do you?

He gives up to resist, softly bites her finger and licks.

Akira: ( She may have been … )

He comes up with one idea at the moment.

Mikoto: See you then, Tsubaki!

Akira: Urabe, were you waiting for me for this today?

Mikoto: Yes. See you tomorrow!

Akira: A… all right.

She runs off waving to him, but suddenly stops in a few meters away, where she turns around swiftly once again. Just at the moment her skirt being blown up a little by the wind, there might be seen something tucked in between her hip and panties. Is that a pair of scissors??

Mikoto: The day after tomorrow, every days after then, right!?

Akira: Oh, sure.

He feels a bit embarrassed by what they’ve just done in public, though he’s certainly feeling happy with the promise with her at the same time.

Akira: Since then, it’s been our daily work.

They kept doing this Mikoto gives her mouth-water him once a day on the way home after school.

Akira: Through these days, I’ve gradually… gradually got …

In his mind, Mikoto is asking him if he might have fallen in love with her.

Akira: I had a dream again, where I was dancing with Urabe in the strange city. And after waking up, I made up my mind to tell her.

( to be continued )


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