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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 2 “A Mysterious Bond”

One day in the classroom, Akira and some other boys are gathered at his desk. They’re up to something.

Boy: The next is… Yokoh. One, two, go!

After taking a glance at a girl sitting on her seat in the room, each of them but Akira gives a number giving a sign with their fingers. Though Akira doesn’t look very interested in what they’re doing.

Kohei: Hey, Tsubaki!

Akira: Oh, sorry. 10, right?

He counts up their fingers and writes down the total on the notebook, where some other girls’ names are written on with scores, too. It’s written at the top of the page “Who’s the best girlfriend you want?”. It seems that they’re doing some rating game at girls in their class.

Boy: 10, pretty reasonable!

Kohei: What a high standard our class is!

Boy: The next one is…

Akira: ( I got a girlfriend for the first time. Her name is… )

While he’s thinking of the sweet memory in his mind, one of them picks Mikoto for the next target.

Boy: The next is Urabe!

Boy: Ugh, Urabe?!

She’s just sleeping at her desk next to Akira as always.

Boy: Nix.

Boy: Neither.

Boy: She’s too strange.

Kohei: It probably makes sense.

Of course, Akira isn’t happy with their rating at Mikoto, so he writes down her name with 1,000 rating points, but soon deletes the number not to be seen by the others.

Akira: ( My girlfriend’s name is Mikoto Urabe! )

After a while, Akira and Kohei are coming at the vending machines in the school in order to get some drink. Then some girl students are passing by them after a physical education class.

Girl: Do you know that new cafe? I heard their parfait was great!

Girl: Why don’t we go there together some day?

Girl: That sounds great!

They seem to be talking about some nice cafe. For some reason, Akira can’t help following them with his eyes. Suddenly, Kohei pinches Akira’s upper arm(triceps).

Akira: Oh no, Ueno!

He feels weird.

Kohei: Do you know this part of arm is as soft as the breasts of women?

Akira: S… sure?!

He tries to pinch his upper arm himself.

Akira: ( Just like women’s breast… )

He imagines Mikoto who is undressed and calling his name with a blush, not as usual of her.

Akira: Oh, Urabe…

Kohei: What did you say?

Being talked by him, Akira gets back to himself.

Akira: Ah, it’s nothing!

There’s no guy who won’t be interested in his girlfriend’s body in the world.

( to be continued )


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