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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 2-7

Mikoto tells Akira that they’ve got strong bonds between them and she’s going to prove it. Now they’re going into the mountains near. On the top of the long stairs in the woods, there’s a small Japanese shrine. They keep going farther into the woods passing by the shrine then finally arrive at the destination.

Akira: Are we there?

Mikoto: Yes.

It’s an almost broken down apartment. No person seems to live there.

Akira: Hey, is it all right going into it?

But Mikoto doesn’t mind at all and walks up stairs in the grimy apartment. Without any other option, Akira just has to follow after her. Eventually they come to a large room. They can see a factory on the hill far away and the sunset through the large frame of the window. Mikoto picks up a chair scattered on the floor and stands it up.

Mikoto: Sit down here please, Tsubaki?

Akira: All right.

He doesn’t know what she means to. Now they are facing each other – He’s sitting on the chair and she’s standing right before him.

Mikoto: Tsubaki, there’s one thing I want you to promise with me. Close your eyes and never open until I say OK.

Akira: Why eyes?

Mikoto: You just have to do. Will you promise?

Akira: All right. I will.

Mikoto: Then close your eyes.

He closes his eyes. After a few moments, she starts licking her finger in her mouth, then she’s going to give it him.

Mikoto: Open your mouth, Tsubaki.

Akira: My mouth?

Mikoto: I’m giving you my mouth-water putting my finger into your mouth. But please be careful. Today’s one is a bit special.

Akira: How’s special…?

She slowly puts her finger into his mouth. Just then, he feels his heart starts to beat hard.

Akira: ( What’s happening?! My heart suddenly starts beating hard as soon as licking her mouth-water! )

Mikoto: Tsubaki, aren’t you feeling your heart just started running fast, are you?

Akira: That’s… right.

Mikoto: And also you might be getting excited and feeling like your body burning?

Akira: Yeah… But how come you found it out?!

Then he realizes something’s dripping from his nose.

Akira: Oh, I feel something slimy on my face!?

Mikoto: Your nose just started bleeding, too.

Akira: Wha… ?!

As I explained in my past post in this blog, it’s often seen in Japanese pop culture, manga, anime, etc., when someone, mainly guys but possible for women, is getting sexually excited so much, he starts bleeding from his nose.

He can’t see anything happening to himself.

Mikoto: You do wanna know why your body’s behaving like this? It’s just because I’ve given you my mouth-water when I’m feeling very excited.

Now we can find out why she’s getting so excited – She’s standing in front of him but taking all her clothes off, although she’s got a pair of scissors in her left hand. But he’s still closing his eyes so he never knows why.

Akira: Excited? What are you doing now?

Mikoto: Now you’ve got the reason for your excitement when I give you my mouth-water while I’m being really excited, too – because you’re my boyfriend. Mouth-water bonds us together. I just demonstrated it today to convince you more easily.

Saying so, she wipes his nose blood gently with a handkerchief.

Mikoto: All right, Tsubaki. Now you can open your eyes.

There’s Mikoto standing before him but she’s already put on a school uniform as usual, so he doesn’t know why she was being so excited in the end.

Mikoto: Now let’s get back home?

She picks up her bag on the floor.

Akira: Oh, sure.

And so he does.

After a while, they’ve come back on the same street to each home.

Mikoto: Tsubaki, is your heart still running fast?

Akira: Yeah, a little.

Mikoto: Actually my heart was running so fast, too. What if you opened your eyes breaking the promise.

Akira: What would you do if I’d happened to open my eyes at that time?

Suddenly she gets on the alert like a wild animal. Arising a wind stream around, she snags the scissors out of her panties and starts slashing at him. Akira is just able to take a notebook out of his backpack to protect himself from her attacking in time. She slashes at the notebook many times, then sheathes her scissors juggling it beautifully.

Mikoto: If you’d opened your eyes, I’d go berserk and who knew what happened after then!

Just then, his notebook got disassembled just leaving a cutout of 9 people hand in hand. He’s too scared to move any inches. By the way, the notebook is the one he and his guys used for the girl’s rating game in his class the other day.

Mikoto: I’m sorry about ruining one of your notebooks.

Akira: Oh, never mind! I wasn’t using it anymore.

Mikoto: All right. Then keep going.

Akira: Y… yeah… ( I’m so glad I didn’t open my eyes actually… )

( to be continued )


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