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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 3-2

In the evening, Akira is getting impatient for trying the test tube Mikoto gave him as soon as possible.

Akira: Good night.

Yoko: It’s only 9 o’clok. Aren’t you going to bed too early tonight?

Akira: No, I’m just sleepy!

Yoko: Hmm…

He’s walking up stairs to his room when he suddenly remembers something to say to his sister. He returns to his sister.

Akira: And, I won’t need any snack and coffee! ( No bothering! )

He goes up to his room, again.

Yoko: Oh, he may be in a difficult age.

She’s got a feeling he’s planning to do some private thing in his room.

As he’s into his room, he turns the light off and sits on the bed with the test tube in his hand. He looks like getting a little nervous wondering what will happen.

He takes off a cork and drips Mikoto’s mouth-water on his palm, then licks it. ( I never recommend it, though )

Akira: ( I wonder why her mouth-water is always so sweet… )

Then, he falls into a dream.

He’s walking along Mikoto on the street. She takes a candy out of her pockets and puts it into her mouth.

Mikoto: Oh, do you want one, Tsubaki?

Akira: Sure, please.

She takes another candy out of her pockets. He expects she’s going to give it him but she suddenly stands in front of him.

Akira: Hmm??

She even looks a bit blushing. Wondering what she’s going to do, Akira is looking at her face. She closes her eyes then suddenly kisses his lips! While he’s being frozen by the sudden incident, she feeds a candy to him by mouth-to-mouth. Then, she puts the another candy into her mouth. After recovering from the shock, Akira swallows the candy by accident.

Akira: Come on, Urabe!

Mikoto: What?

Akira: How come you gave me the candy by mouth-to-mouth?!

Mikoto: Hmm, didn’t you like a half-eaten one? Then, I’ll give you new one…

She tries to take another candy out of her pockets.

Akira: I didn’t mean that! Since you did it by mouth-to-mouth, it actually became our first kiss!

Mikoto: So what? You saw Ueno and Oka were kissing, got envy them and wanted to kiss me as soon as you could, didn’t you?

Akira: That’s right. But I wish I could have kissed you for the first time when our thoughts meet together, not when off guard like now…

There he wakes up. He remembers his dream clearly. Looking at the test tube, he’s feeling he got to know the meaning of the test tube Mikoto gave him.

( to be continued )


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