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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 3-3

It’s the following day of their first kiss in Akira’s dream.

In the classroom, he takes a look at Mikoto. As always she’s just sleeping and drooling at her desk. Her mouth-water reminds him of the dream he had last night, which makes him a bit embarrassed again.

On the way home after school, he talks to Mikoto.

Akira: Hey, Urabe.

He takes a test tube out of his bag.

Akira: As you said to me, I licked it before going to bed last night, then I had a pretty strange dream.

She looks at him for a moment then…

Mikoto: Can you follow after me, Tsubaki?

They enter trees nearby. In the middle of there, she turns around and faces him.

Mikoto: Why don’t we try a kiss now, Tsubaki?

He gets so embarrassed at her suggestion again. Her lips look so cute that he almost  falls for the strong temptation. But…

Akira: “Cough” You know, Urabe. We should think much more about our first kiss. So I’d rather do it for the first time when our thoughts meet together, not by chance like now.

With his answer, she blooms a smile on her face.

Mikoto: That makes two of us, Tsubaki!

Akira: ( So… cute… )

Mikoto: Now, let’s go.

Akira: ( Wait, she looks being embarrassed to me? Anyway, I wonder when our thoughts will meet together? )

Since this day, Akira tends to think all the time about when they should kiss at the best moment – he’s thinking about it even during a class.

Akira: ( Hmm, how can I get to see eye to eye with her? )

Now he just takes a glance at Mikoto, who’s playing with a pen at her desk.

Akira: ( Seeing eye to eye… )

He begins to play with his pen as she’s doing, maybe to learn her feelings in some way. Unfortunately, he’s a bit too awkward to lose the control of his pen, which is tossed up into the air by mistake. He tries to catch it but in the end falls down to the floor, which make a large noise in the classroom.

Teacher: What are you doing, Tsubaki!?

Akira: S… sorry, teacher.

Everybody in the class laughs at him except two students – one is Mikoto and the other is a handsome guy sitting in the last row by the window, who also seems to be looking at Mikoto for some reason.

( to be continued )


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