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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 3-6

The next morning, Mikoto is now taking a shower at home. Having finished it, she picks up her panties placed on the top of the chest. She looks at it for a while instead of putting it on soon. She seems she’s thinking of something.

She’s now on the way to school. Since it’s a windy day today, her skirt is more flapping in the wind than usual. It seems that she’s being more careful about holding down her skirt so that nobody could see the inside by any chance.

On the other hand, Akira has just arrived at school. He even got shadows under his eyes came from the short of sleep last night.

Akira: ( In the end, I couldn’t sleep at all… )

When he walks into the classroom, he sees Mikoto sleeping with her head down on her desk as usual. During all following classes, he can’t concentrate at all because he’s too worried about Mikoto and Ogata, though she herself is in quite opposite of him.

At lunch time, when Akira and Kohei are eating at the same desk next to Mikoto, suddenly she stands up and leaves the room. There’re two people in the classroom who are keeping eyes on her – Akira and Ogata.

As she’s away, Ogata starts following after her. Akira can’t help being upset seeing it.

Kohei: What’s the matter with you, Tsubaki? Are you feeling like to piss out?

Akira suddenly grabs Kohei’s lunch box from his hands and starts eating it hungrily as if he takes his anger out on it.

Kohei: Hey! It’s mine!

Meanwhile Ogata just caught up to Mikoto on the hallway.

Ogata: Hey, Urabe. Do you have a time for me now?

Mikoto: Hmm?

They move to the backyard, no one else there. The wind is still strong outside. Mikoto is being very cautious with her skirt not to flap.

Ogata: Now, let me hear your answer please, Urabe?

Mikoto: Ogata, please keep your eyes closed for a while?

Ogata: Eyes? But why?

Mikoto: I just want you to do so, please.

Ogata: All right.

After he closes his eyes, Mikoto sucks her finger to get her mouth-water, then she sticks the finger into his mouth.

Ogata: Ugh?!

Soon she pulls off her finger form his mouth. Then he re-opnes his eyes.

Ogata: W… what have you done to me now?

He seems he doesn’t know anything about what just happened.

Mikoto: How do you feel now, Ogata?

Ogata: What do you mean?

Mikoto: Aren’t you feeling something strange or anything happening to your body now?

After a short moment, he answers.

Ogata: Hmm… nothing, I think.

She’s listening to him in silence.

Ogata: Urabe?

Mikoto: I’m afraid, Ogata, you’d never become my boyfriend anyway.

Ogata: Wh… what?!

With that, she leaves after him. While he’s being at a loss, she seems to be pretty satisfied with the result.

( to be continued )


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