All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 3-8

Mikoto: My boyfriend is ever only you, Akira.

With a little blushing on her face, she looks so cute for Akira that he can’t help catch and hug her.

Akira: Oh, Urabe!

Still bleeding from his nose, he runs up and tries to hug her but she escapes from him just in time, like a cat.

Akira: Wha…

She’s going to take her scissors under the skirt but…

Mikoto: Oh, I just remembered it wasn’t here today.

Akira: ( She was just about to do panties-sissors! If she flapped her skirt up now, it’d be disaster…! )

Instead of the inside of her skirt, she takes her scissors out of her bag and pokes his head with the handles of it softly.

Mikoto: Don’t try to hug me on your own, boy?

She gently tells him off.

Akira: Oh, I see…

She wipes his nose blood with her handkerchief, then takes his hand.

Mikoto: Let’s go!

Akira: S… sure!

As they starts walking down the street again, he realizes he still owns her panties in his hand.

Akira: ( I’ll give it back her tomorrow… )

He puts it back into his pocket quietly. Who never knows what he’s going to do with it.

Akira: ( My girlfriend, Mikoto Urabe, is still difficult to figure out. And our first kiss doesn’t seem to come any soon, though I think it’s all right for now. )

Suddenly the wind blows up her skirt. Since she was holding his hand, she couldn’t avoid it from happening at this time, which resulted in exposing her “skins” to him in the end.

Mikoto: Eek!

At the sight of it, Akira has got to sprinkle a lot of nose blood into the air once again…


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