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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 4-1

The upcoming girl is Ayuko Oka, Kohei’s girlfriend. She talks to Mikoto sleeping at her desk.

Ayuko: Hey, Urabe?

Both Akira and Kohei are surprised at her sudden showing up.

Mikoto: Hmm… Huh?

She heads up slowly.

Ayuko: How about eating lunch together?

But Mikoto doesn’t look so happy.

Mikoto: I usually don’t eat lunch, so please don’t wake me up when I’m asleep.

Ayuko: In that case, can I just eat near you if I promise not to bother you sleeping?

Because she didn’t give up easily, Mikoto and the other students watching them are a bit surprised at her.

Mikoto: Suit yourself.

Then she falls asleep again. Ayuko opens her lunchbox and starts eating next to Mikoto. Her lunch looks very delicious.

After a few minutes later Ayuko having started her lunch, Mikoto suddenly wakes up.

Mikoto: Something smells good.

Ayuko: Sure it does. You know, I’m proud of my cooking skill. So, you may want to try this omelet?

She brings the omelet toward Mikoto’s mouth with chopsticks. Akira and Kohei are watching it enviously.

Ayuko: Say “Ahhh…”

The next moment, Mikoto bites on the omelet, which pretty looks like a someone succeeded in taming a wild animal. And it surprises the other students so much. In fact, Akira and Kohei are too surprised to drop their food in chopsticks.

Ayuko: How do you like it?

Mikoto: Very good.

Ayuko: Fine. Then, how about my special one, spring shrimp roll, for the next? Say, “Ahhh…”

Mikoto no longer hesitates to eat what Ayuko offers.

Ayuko: Tastes good?

Mikoto: It’s delicious, too.

Ayuko: Then, try this kimpira bacon roll next…

By the way, kimpira is one of the Japanese foods.

So, everybody in class admires Ayuko for getting close to Mikoto by her cooking, which anyone else hasn’t ever made it so far except Akira.

( to be continued )


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