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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 4-4

When Mikoto and Ayuko arrived at the nurse’s office, they found there’s no one.

Ayuko: The school nurse seems to be away. OK, I’ll take care of you myself. Have a seat and wait there.

She picks up a first aid kit, then she walks up to Mikoto and starts disinfecting her wound with alcohol. With putting a bandage on it, she finishes it up. She seems to be quite used to the procedure.

Ayuko: It’s done. I think you’ll be all right then.

But Mikoto doesn’t say “Thank you”, even more, she hasn’t said a single word yet since they came into this room.

Ayuko opens the refrigerator placed in the office, takes a bottle of soda out of it and starts drinking.

Mikoto: Can you drink that free?

Ayuko: Oh, it’s all right. I always keep my own bottle in this fridge since I often come to this office as a health-care staff. So, aren’t you feeling thirsty? Do you wanna drink mine, too?

She offers her bottle to Mikoto and she takes.

Mikoto: Thank you.

After drinking it a little, she gives it back Ayuko.

Ayuko: No problem.

As she gets it back from her, she drinks it again. Then, she takes a seat next to Mikoto.

Ayuko: Listen, Urabe. I’d love to be your friend.

Maybe this is the point of her.

Ayuko: I’ve been so interested in you that I really want to be one of your friends. How do you say?

Mikoto: No, you can’t. I don’t want any friends.

She turns her face.

Ayuko: Oh… that’s too bad. But please keep it in your mind that I always want to be your friend, OK?

With that, she’s going to leave the office.

Ayuko: Now, I’ll go back first to class.

As she opens the door, something comes into Mikoto’s eyes, which really surprises her.

Mikoto: Hey, Oka!

Ayuko: Yes?

Mikoto: Look at your leg…

Ayuko: What’s wrong with my leg?

There’s a scar appeared on her right knee.

Ayuio: Oh, it couldn’t be… just same as yours… But, how come?!

Mikoto: It might be…

At this moment, Mikoto is getting to understand why the same scar appearing on the same position of Ayuko.

( to be continued )


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