All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 4-6

Ayuko starts reviewing.

Ayuko: The other day, I happened to see you two when I was on my way home. Since I had something to do at some place after school on that day, I was using the different way home.

She was passing through the bridge when she happened to find Mikoto and Akira getting together far away.

Ayuko: Hmm, are they Urabe and Tsubaki? I didn’t know they’re seeing each other.

Just then, she witnessed that Mikoto let him suck her finger. She took cover behind the bride rails instinctively.

Ayuko: Wow…

She couldn’t take her eyes off them for a while.

The story comes back to the present.

Ayuko: Since I was watching you from far away at that time, I didn’t understand well, but now I’ve got that you were giving him your mouth-water, weren’t you?

She goes on her story.

Ayuko: Having seen that incident, I was getting to watch you two from time to time. Eventually I found myself being pretty interested in you. That’s why I’m asking you to be my friend.

Mikoto is listening to her story in silence.

Ayuko: In fact, I was also interested in Tsubaki, though I thought it might be a problem if I got close to him. So I picked you up. After all, we’re both women.

Mikoto: What kind of problem?

Ayuko: You know, I have a boyfriend, too! So, tell me if you give your mouth-water him, will the same thing happen to him just like me?

Mikoto: Sure, I believe.

She’s getting curious to Mikoto more and more.

Ayuko: Wow!

Mikoto: If I feel strange, so he does. Sometimes it happens that he gets inside my head without me telling him.

Ayuko: Hard to believe.

Then, Mikoto starts walking towards the door.

Mikoto: Just one person’s enough for me who understands me in that way. So, no matter how you’re interested in me, I still don’t want any friend. Of course, you can do whatever you like.

Ayuko doesn’t answer anything.

Mikoto: Hey, Oka.

Ayuko: What?

Mikoto: Knowing I’m to blame for your injuries, I’m a bit awkward to say this but please take care of your wounds. What if the scares left on your skins later? You should be a woman, right?

With that, Mikoto leaves after Ayuko in the room.

( to be continued )


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