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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 4-7

It’s been after school. On the way back home, Mikoto is giving Akira her mouth-water by finger as usual.

Mikoto: Here you go, Tsubaki.

Akira: Oh…

As he sucks her finger, she notices him a little injured.

Mikoto: Did you hurt yourself?

Akira: Hmm…?

Suddenly he feels pain both on his hand and knee.

Akira: Oh, what’s this pain?! My knee hurts, too!

Since Mikoto has injured on her knee and palm, the pain also linked to Akira by mouth-water.

Mikoto: I’m sorry I’ve forgotten telling you about it.

Akira: What do you mean?

Then she told him all about Ayuko and what happened to them today.

The next day, there’s Ayuko cooking in her house kitchen. She’s preparing lunch serves two people. Now, she’s sauteing some sausages and bacons in a pan.

Ayuko: It smells good!

At the same time, Akira is on the way school when suddenly Kohei is running up to him.

Kohei: Hi, Tsubaki!

He’s pretty excited to talk to Akira patting his shoulders.

Kohei: I’ve finally made up my mind!

Akira: What’s that?

Kohei: Listen! Today’s lunchtime, I’m going to invite Oka to have lunch together slipping out of the class!

Akira: But how do you make it? If you ask her in public, someone might think that you and Oka seeing each other.

Kohei: Here’s my plan. I’ll get my thought to her by telepathy. The strong mind should make it to her. Then, she’d finally have lunch with me and feed me saying “Ahh…”

He opens his large dribbling mouth, daydreaming of the moment with Oka.

A few hours later, it’s been lunchtime. Akira and Kohei are getting together at his desk.

Kohei: The strong mind counts for the most…

He starts concentrating on sending his message to Oka by supernatural power.

Suddenly, Mikoto’s stomach starts growling next to them. She wakes up and walking out of the classroom.

Akira: ( Hmm… Urabe? )

Following after her, Ayuko shows up in front of Kohei.

Kohei: Oh!

He thought his massage has gotten to her, however she runs after Mikoto just giving him a glance.

Kohei: N… no!

He runs out of the room in order to catch Ayuko, but he’s already lost her sight in the hallway.

Kohei: She’s gone…

He’s so disappointed… I really hope his wish will come true, soon. It’s just having lunch together, after all…

( to be continued )


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