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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 5-1


Kohei: Wow…

He peeks in the pool, where female students are taking swimming lessons. That’s why every male student has lost their soccer balls into the bush by the pool so that they could take a peek at these girls in swimsuit.

On the pool side, a female coach is instructing them.

Coach: On your mark! Ready… go!

Mikoto and some other students are standing in line on the edge of the pool, then they dive in at the same time. It seems that Mikoto is as good at swimming as at running. There’s Ayuko sitting on the pool side, who’s happy to be watching Mikoto.

Ayuko: How sweet her armpits are!

She might be also a bit weird girl, even not as much strange as Mikoto.

On the other hand, Kohei has just managed to find out his girlfriend, Ayuko.

Kohei: There she is, my sweetheart, in swimsuit!

He’s ogling at her body from head to toe.

Kohei: Awesome! She’s got something, definitely!

While he’s pretty impressed by her great body, Ayuko feels like someone watching them and she casually looks at the place where Kohei is hiding. He manages to take cover just before she finds him out.

Kohei: Phew…

A girl student walks up to Ayuko.

Student: What’s wrong?

Ayuko: Oh, nothing!


Kohei hurries back to the ground with his ball.

Kohei: That was close…

He straight goes to his friends sitting on the ground.

Student: You’ve done well?

Kohei: Sure!

He thumbs up. Then, the student takes out a note, where some information about their female classmates are written.

Student: Name, Oka. Her size’s… huge!

It seems that these boys are recording the size of girls’ bust by peeking in the pool in turn.

Student: Yes! Now, Urabe is the last one left!

Kohei: We’ll count on you, Tsubaki!

They all send their eyes to Akira, who’s the last chance to make it.

Akira: I… I’m ready, teacher!

He seems a bit nervous.

Coach: Good! Here you go!

He tosses a ball toward Akira.

Akira: ( I WILL look at her in swimsuit! )

As he’s stepping up to the ball, he’s sure to kick the ball into the trees behind the goal so that he could look at Mikoto in the pool. But suddenly, a figure of Mikoto standing near the fence comes into his sight through the trees. At a glance of her, he’s totally screwed up. He fails to kick the ball itself and falls on the ground roughly in the end.


Students: Oh, no…

Since their plan to complete the bust size of girls in their class has broken up because of Akira’s failure, they all give out a big sigh. However the biggest disappointing is to Akira. When he half raises his body from the ground, he can barely see her face far away : the rest of her body has been concealed with a bath towel hanged over the fence.

Akira: ( I was so near and yet so far, seeing her swimsuit… )

He gives out a big sigh and just looks up at the sky…


( to be continued )


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