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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 5-2


Akira and Mikoto are eating ice popsicles on their way back home after school.

Akira: It’s been too hot today. What a crazy sun! By the way, have you girls finished the whole swimming class in this summer today?

Mikoto: Yeah, but we still have got a few classes left after the summer vacation.

Akira: Oh, OK…

He looks so disappointed because he feels he won’t be able to see her in swimsuit anymore in this summer.

Mikoto just finished her popsicle, of which bar is small printed “Hazure” in Japanese. Hazure stands for a blank in English. It’s a kind of lottery that some popsicle brands do. When you finished with your popsicle, if the bar is printed “Atari” (similar to Bingo in English) you can get another popsicle for free, and if you didn’t, you won’t get any.


For some reason, Akira is more concerned about the bar itself which is coated by Mikoto’s mouth-water than the result of the lottery. He’s a bit too interested in the bar to hear her calling his name.

Mikoto: Hey, Tsubaki!

Akira: Oh, yes?

At that moment, his popsicle just melted down to the ground.

Akira: Nooo!!

They’ve moved to a small park, where they throw away the bars left into a trash bin. Then, he finds something on her neck.

Akira: ( A drop of sweat on her nape… )

Suddenly, a wind blows.

Akira: ( Something smells good from her body… )


He starts to sniff out the source of the smell. But Mikoto is throwing her sharp eyes to him when he finds him approaching too close to her face. She’s on the alert and is about to grab her scissors.

Akira: S… stop! I didn’t mean to do that…

Then, a drip of water falls on her nose, which makes her get back to herself. As soon as they look up the sky, it starts raining.

Akira: Oh, it’s just started raining!

Mikoto: I don’t have an umbrella with me.

Akira: Neither…

So they decided to take shelter under a big tree.

( to be continued )


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