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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 5-3


It’s suddenly started raining hard. Unfortunately neither of them had an umbrella, so they decided to take shelter under a tree until it stops raining.

Mikoto: Do you think it will stop soon?

Akira: Maybe or not.

They keep standing under the tree. Suddenly, she notices the rain is dripping on her right shoulder between the leaves. To avoid it, she leans on Akira standing on her left side, which makes him feel very happy.

Akira: ( It’s sometimes nice to avoid the rain under a tree… )


He smells a good fragrance again.

Akira: ( She smells very good today, after all. ) Hey, Urabe. Are you putting on some perfume today?

Mikoto: A perfume? No, I usually don’t use them. Why?

Akira: You know, something smells especially good from you, today.

Mikoto: Me smelling?

She starts sniffing out herself.

Mikoto: I think it’s just a smell of sweat. In fact, I’ve been a bit sweating.

She licks her right arm.

Mikoto: A bit salty.

Akira: Oh, I see.

Mikoto: It just reminded me of that taste, too.

Akira: What’s that?

Mikoto: The sea.

Akira: The sea?

Mikoto: Yes, the taste of seawater. Both of them taste salty.

Akira: I can understand what you mean. So, do you like going to the sea?

Mikoto: Yes, very much. In fact, I always go to the beach and like swimming in summers. How about you?

Akira: If anything, I do like, too.


She brings her right arm up to him.

Mikoto: Do you wanna have a lick? You might have a taste of the sea, too.

He becomes a bit embarrassed at her offer. In the end, he decides to accept it. As he licks her arm, some image flashes in his head – a blue ocean and Mikoto in a white bikini on the beach.

Mikoto: So, did you feel that?

Akira: Uh, yes! ( As I licked her sweat, I felt like seeing her on the beach in swimsuit. I’m not sure if her sweat could convey her ideas to me as well as her mouth-water does, or I just made up her image on my own. )

Now he’s figured out her sweat works just as her mouth-water does to him.

Akira: It’s just stopped raining. So, as you like going to the sea, why don’t we go there together during this summer?

She’s keep silent for a while, but the next moment…

Mikoto: Yes, I’d love to!


He’s being enchanted by her bright smile for a moment.

Akira: Are you sure?

Mikoto: Yup!

Then they’ve left  the park together.

( to be continued )


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