All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 5-6


There’re lots of people on the beach other than Akira and Mikoto. He is now waiting for Mikoto getting her clothes changed somewhere else. In the meantime, he looks around on the beach and finds out most of the women are wearing bikinis.

Akira: ( Wow, I wonder if they don’t feel a bit embarrassed! )

Eventually, Mikoto shows up in swimsuit.

Mikoto: Hey, Tsubaki. Sorry for you waiting long.

She’s wearing a black bikini but also putting on a pareo around her waist. He’s stunned at her great figure, so he can’t take his eyes off her sitting next to him for a while.

Akira: ( With her beautiful tanned skin and that bikini, she’d rather look risque to me than just look different! )

Suddenly she suggests him something.

Mikoto: Hey, Tsubaki?

Akira: Oh, yes?

Mikoto: Why don’t we get some calories in our stomach first so that we can swim later?

Akira: Calories?


They come to a food stand on the beach, where Akira hears a couple’s conversation behind him.

Woman: I want to have a yakisoba(= a stir-fried noodle).

Man: OK.

Woman: Thanks! Of course you’ll buy me that, will you?

Man: You’ve got me, honey.

From their conversation, Akira understands he’s got to buy Mikoto a lunch during a date.

Akira: Hey, Urabe! I’m gonna pay your…

But as he speaks to her, she’s already paid herself. She’s also ordering something to the vendor.

Mikoto: I’d like to hold the cabbage and the pork, but lots of beni shouga insted, please? ( beni shouga is a kind of pickles shin sliced red gingers )

Akira can’t help being surprised at the way of her strange ordering. No surprise, if you hold all cabbage and pork from yakisoba, there will be almost only noodle remain. No one would like to make such an order when getting a yakisoba.


They each bring a yakisoba to the table.

Akira: You do like a kind of weird yakisoba, do you?

Of course, he’s got a normal one for himself.

Mikoto: Oh, I don’t know. In fact, I wish I got lots of mayonnaise with it, too.

She starts to eat.

Mikoto: Do you wanna try it?

Akira: Well, please.

Mikoto: OK.

She picks up a little amount of her yakisoba with chopsticks and let him have it in his mouth. Even without her saying “Say ahhh….”, his dream has just come true at this moment.

Mikoto: No good?

Akira: Oh, no, I mean it’s very good!

Maybe without any cabbage and pork, it doesn’t taste so good for him, after all. But who can say “it’s awful!” to his girlfriend? So, it was the way he had to go.

( to be continued )


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