All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 5-8


At sunset, Akira and Mikoto are on the train back to their city. They’re sitting on the seat side by side.

Mikoto: It was so fun today.

Akira: Oh, really? I’m glad to hear that.

Mikoto: And you?

Akira: Me? Of course…

Before he’s finished his word, she suddenly puts her finger in his mouth to get his mouth-water. She just wanted to know how he was thinking of today’s date, but she didn’t expect what happened to her next moment. As she licks her finger in her mouth, she starts bleeding from her nose.

Mikoto: Oh, I’m bleeding from my nose? How come?

She looks at him.

Akira: Oh! Well…

On second thought, he’s decided to tell her the truth, not a lie.

Akira: Maybe because I also started to bleed from my nose when I looked at your scissors-looking tanning.

Mikoto: Oh, you did?

She takes a handkerchief out of the bag and puts it on her nose. Then she asks him a question.

Mikoto: So, do you want to see that again, Tsubaki?

He’s pretty embarrassed at her question. But again, he’s decided to be honest.

Akira: Well, sure, I want!

Mikoto: I’ll show you it again in the summer next year when we go to the beach again.

Akira: Y… yes, please!

With that, she’s nodded off just leaving a small smile on her face. He understands she’s been tired so he moves his palm above her head just like stroking it. He knows she doesn’t like being touched without her permission.

Akira: ( My girlfriend Mikoto Urabe. Even when she’s beautifully got tanned, she’s still mysterious to me, as usual. )



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