All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 6 “A Mysterious Stepping Up”


One summer afternoon, Akira was just browsing a magazine when Ayuko came across him at a bookstore on the street. She taps on his shoulder and he turns around.

Ayuko: Hi, it’s you, Tsubaki!

Akira: Oh, you’re… Oka?

Ayuko: What a coincidence to meet you here!

Akira: Yeah, really.

Ayuko: Have you gone shopping or something?

Akira: Yeah, I just went buying some new clothes.

Ayuko: Maybe for dating?

Akira: Oh!

It seems she guessed right.

Ayuko: Could I ask a favor of you, Tsubaki?

Akira: What?

Ayuko: It’s a quite coincidence of us to meet on the last day of summer vacation, so how about going to get some ice cream at cafe with me?

Akira: Well, I’m afraid…

Maybe he thinks both of Mikoto and Kohei, and he feels if he goes with Ayuko only by themselves, it might hurt both of them. But Ayuko insists.

Ayuko: Why not? We’re same classmates, right?

She holds his arm and tries to drag him. I guess she’s been as much interested in him as Mikoto.

Akira: But…

Looking at him still being in two minds, she switches to smile at him.

Ayuko: Come on, let’s go!

In the end, he gave up and decided to go with her.

( to be continued )


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