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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 6-2


It’s the day of going back to school after summer vacation. In class, students are enjoying conversation with their friends after a long time. And so these two guys are.

Kohei: You know, the first day after long vacation, I was so lazy to get up this morning.

Akira: Yeah, I’d have missed today’s class if my sister hadn’t woken me up!

Then Ayuko comes into room, but she passes through Kohei without saying hi.

Kohei: Damn, I hate school beginning! I wish I had another month vacation!

But he doesn’t mind Ayuko ignoring him, either. Akira becomes a bit worried about them.

Akira: Hey, did you talk to Oka about something yesterday?

Kohei: No, we didn’t. Why?

Akira: Ah, nothing.

Kohei: Come on, I’m curious!

Akira: Don’t mind.

He takes out his text books out of his bag and gets them ready on the desk. Then, Kohei pulls up Akira’s sleeve a little and finds out he’s sunburned.

Kohei: You look you got a bit sunburned? Have you been to the beach or somewhere?

Akira: Uh, yeah, you right.

Kohei: With who?

He becomes worried if Kohei figures out he went the beach with Mikoto.

Akira: Well…

Kohei: You won’t say you’ve got a girlfriend and went with her, will you?

Akira: No way! I.. I just went to the beach with my sister!

Kohei: Your sister?! Oh, that may be better than going with only guys.

Akira: It’s none of your business!

Next to them, Mikoto is giving a big yawn.

( to be continued )


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