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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 6-4


After school, Akira and Mikoto are on their way home together, as always.

Akira: It’s crazy hot today! How about taking a short break at that park?

Mikoto: OK.

Then they move into the small park.

Akira: I’ll go and get something to drink.

Mikoro: Thanks.

She’s decided to sit on a bench in the shade until he’s back. Eventually, Akira comes back with 2 canned drinks in his hand.

Akira: I’m back now, Urabe.

But he finds her sleeping on the bench.

Akira: Urabe? Oh, she’s fallen asleep…

He takes a seat next to her quietly and looks up the sky through the trees above them. With warm sunshine, it’s supposed to be comfortable sleeping in the shade.

Akira: No need to wake her up right now.

But he also notices the drinks getting warmer and warmer in the meantime. So, he’s decided to wake her up after all.

Akira: Hey, Urabe.

He knocks the back of the bench calling her name, but she still doesn’t seem to wake up.

Akira: Urabe!

Next he tries shaking her shoulders.

Akira: Oh, no. She’s sleeping even more deeply than she’s at school.

He’s at a loss how to wake her up. Then, he comes up with a good idea when he looks at her ears. He comes close to her ears and whispers.


Akira: Mikoto?

He didn’t know whether it’d work or not but he tried to call her first name for the first time.

Mikoto: …Yes?

To his surprise it worked. She even looks smiling and blushing. He’s surprised to just look at her face for a while.

Mikoto: What’s up?

Akira: Oh, I’ve got your drink here.

Mikoto: Thanks.

Akira: I thought I didn’t have to hurry to wake you up, but these were getting warmer, so…

They’re just drinking each drink in silence, but then…

Mikoto: So, Tsubaki, when you woke me up just now, did you…

Akira: What?

Mikoto: Oh, nothing. Forget it.

Akira: All right…

They go back in silence again.

Akira: ( Did she realize it? Anyway she doesn’t seem to hate being called her first name at least since I looked at her smile on her face… )

Now he’s got the enough nerve to call her first name again.

Akira: Mi…

But as soon as he looks at her face, which looks very surprised at him, too, his nerve’s gotten weak.

Akira: I… it’s a bit surprising these Minmin Semis are still singing alive! D… do you know they’re singing different ways in different regions? For instance, in China they sing like…

By the way, Minmin Semi is a type of cicadas.

He’s gotten too embarrassed switching his topics, though she looks a bit disappointed with it.


In the evening, he’s looking back on the incident in this afternoon.

Akira: It might be a bit too haste for us to call each other by frist names. Though, her that smile was so cute…

He’s fallen into a dream, where he’s trying to take a picture of her with his camera. It’s a very strange city that they often come to in his dream.

Akira: Are you ready? 3… 2… 1…

And he’s successfully taken her picture with a nice smile on her face.


After getting up, he opens the closet in his room and takes a camera out of there, which looks the same one he used in his dream. With his camera, he’s decided to take her picture in real, too.

( to be continued )


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