All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 6-6


It’s a bit cloudy afternoon today. Akira is waiting for Mikoto on the bridge they usually use to meet after school.

Akira: She’s getting a little late today…

Then a girl shows up and suddenly speaks to him.

???: Are you Tsubaki?

He’s so surprised being spoken by the girl who’s so cute with black long hair.

???: You must be Tsubaki, don’t you? Do you remember me?

Akira: Are you… Hayakawa?

Aika: I’m so glad you remembered me! After all, we were both studying in the same class for 3 years at middle school, right?

Akira: Yeah, right.

Aika: And plus, we both worked in the same committee at school, so I’ve got pretty good memory of you!

She smiles at him. Akira becomes a bit embarrassed.


By the way, her name is Aika Hayakawa, who Akira had been crushed on for all his 3 yeas at middle school. He even used to have her picture in his wallet before he begins dating Mikoto.

Aika: Hey, if you don’t mind, how about going to a cafe together right now? I’d love to catch up on you!

Akira: Right after now?

Aika: Yup.

He seems to be in two minds, though…

Akira: I’m really sorry but I’ve actually been waiting for someone to come, who will be here in no time, I hope. So, I’m afraid I can’t make it today…

Aika: Oh, that’s too bad. OK, let’s get together another time. See you then!

Akira: Sure, bye!

She goes off.

Akira: “Sigh” But Urabe is too late. I wonder she’s already near here?


To look for Mikoto, he gets off to the street, then…

( to be continued )


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