All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 6-7


After saying goodbye to Aika, Akira’s off to the street to look for Mikoto.

But he’s so surprised to find her just crouching right behind the bridge’s post where he couldn’t see from the bridge.

Akira: Oh, Urabe! When did you get there?

Mikoto: Just a minute ago and I didn’t want to disturb you enjoying the conversation.

She stands up and leaves alone.

Akira: Wait! You’ve got me wrong! I never enjoyed!

He’s got to follow after her, who looks apparently upset.

Mikoto: Wasn’t she the one who was in the picture you once let me see and you had a crush on during your middle school?

Akira: Well, that’s right, I used to. But not now! So, I turned down her invitation to the cafe…

Even though he tries to speak to her, she wouldn’t look at him. They keep just going on without any words for minutes.


Akira: Hey, Urabe. If I’d gone with her to the cafe, do you think you’d have been upset?

Mikoto finally turns around to look at him. She looks a bit sad now.

Akira: Oh, take it easy! I said if I’d gone. You know it’d never happen, right?

He’s getting regret asking her the silly question.

Mikoto: Would you open your mouth?

She puts her finger into her mouth, then gives her mouth-water him. As soon as he has it in his mouth, he starts dripping tears from his eyes.


Akira: Tears…?!

Mikoto: You know, Tsubaki. If you’d left me and gone with her, I wouldn’t have been upset but would have felt very sad. So, those tears now coming off your eyes would be the same for me if you ever picked her instead of me.

Akira: Oh…

Now he know how silly he was.

( to be continued )


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